Breaking Through the Cycle of Addiction

Jan 30, 2020 | 0 comments

Addictions pave the way for us to drown out our pain. 

While the primary focus of addiction is associated with drugs and alcohol, people can develop addictions to other things such as food, shopping, gambling, excessive exercise, even physical love from anyone who will provide it.

The pain we feel becomes habitual. This pain often comes from the thoughts that we have and then resist. When you are resisting a thought, it keeps that thought circling.

As you gain the awareness to take the time to listen to and truly accept your thoughts, no matter what they are, they can then be released. Once you can release those thoughts, you can feel more aligned to your Divine self.

Our mind is the source of our perceptions, experiences and memories. It is the processor of our emotions, decision making, judgment and consciousness. When we choose to alter it with addictions, we can no longer see the truth about ourselves or feel emotional pain, both of which are necessary to facilitate living life more fully.

When you begin to actively focus on removing those addictions you may find that you initially feel worse for a period of time. This occurs because you’ve repressed these feelings over time; however, be aware that this is a necessary part of the process. 

Accepting yourself in your entirety, all parts, perceived both as good and bad, is an incredible way to minimize and sometimes transcend addictions. This process is not something you can do exclusively with your mind. Go beyond the mind with a consistent practice of meditation and experiencing nature, along with patience, self-care, and creativity. 

You can truly have lasting change when you transform from within. Focusing externally to fix a problem is just switching addictions. Now is the time to be brave and discover the truth of who you are. 

I believe. I trust. I let go. 

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