Maintaining a Positive Perspective

Jun 22, 2020 | 0 comments

The pandemic is still with us, and even though some are venturing out, others are on self-imposed lockdowns out of caution seeing the rates of spread in their area. And yes, we are way beyond cabin fever! Wondering how to stay upbeat during your version of quarantine? 

Here are five things to do to help you maintain a positive perspective during these times: 

  • Exercise!

Not only is exercise good for your body, it can improve your mental health as well. Exercise reduces stress and can provide you with more energy for the rest of your day. Live in an apartment? No problem! Try silent exercise choices such as yoga or Pilates to keep fit while respecting your neighbors! 

  • Start watching a new TV show 

We’ve all been there. We hear one of our friends recommend a show on Netflix and promise we’ll check it out sometime…but we don’t…ever. Well, now is the time to finally start that TV show you’ve been meaning to watch forever. Don’t know where to start? Some popular classic Netflix shows include The Office, Stranger Things, and Breaking Bad. Don’t limit yourself to Netflix either! You can start a new drama or movie as well!

  • Learn a new skill or continue your hobbies 

Quarantine is the perfect time to either learn a new skill or pick up a hobby that you may have dropped a while ago. With the extra time on your hands and lack of disturbances (and things to do), it will be easier to concentrate on the enjoyment of it. 

  • Catch up with friends (remotely)

Just because you’re at home, doesn’t mean that you have to be in total isolation. Facetime or call friends and family to let them know how you’re doing. Catch up with old friends that you may not have had the opportunity to reach out to in the past. Trust me, you’ll be a help to each other!

  • Do some housework

Nope, that dirty pile of laundry over there is not going to jump into the washer itself. Not even if you wait for a week…or a month. Doing chores will help keep your hands busy and pass time quickly. 

During these times, it’s easy to become impatient and frustrated. Try your best to be patient. Take the time to understand others, knowing that they are going through very similar things. Support and communicate with each other, and you’ll both be the better for it! 

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