How to Have a Money Mindset

Aug 7, 2020 | 0 comments

Your state of mind is vital when it comes to your money. Whether you want to hear it or not, money is a top contender when it comes to what would make life easier. It’s important to always remember you’re in control of your money and your money isn’t in control of you. Having the right mindset will flow into how you handle your finances. Luckily, there’s always a way for you to find a way to make more money. The type of money you were born into or have right now does not define you. It is simply an obstacle that you can overcome with the right mindset. And having a mindset is the superpower needed to break through this barrier. Having a money mindset begins with forgiving your past. We can’t change what has happened; however, we can change how to make things happen moving forward. 

However, it’s not as simple as having a money mindset. It’s important to know your worth. You are worth more than the amount of money in your bank account. Don’t label yourself based off of your credit score or the salary that you make. If you only value yourself based off these numbers, you may find yourself falling into a poverty mindset. What is a poverty mindset? It is a mindset that is created out of the belief that your current financial situation will remain stagnant throughout your life. That new opportunities and saving are not worth it because it will make no difference. Well, I say to shake it off! You want and desire more. You deserve more. But if you don’t change your mindset and look toward the possibilities in front of you, it will leave you stagnant. 

A money mindset will replace excuses with actions. It will increase your chances of growth and fill your life with optimism as you begin to watch your finances grow. Look at your life and finances like a field of beautiful flowers. Without the sun and the rain, they will not grow. And without a money mindset and value for your life, your state of mind won’t flourish. So, start now with the changes you need to make and try to eliminate the excuses. You ARE worth it!

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