How to Identify Your Subconscious Money Scripts and Reframe Your Financial Beliefs

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We all have a relationship with money, and this relationship runs in our subconscious. This tells us what to think, how to feel and it may make us comfortable or overwhelmed about the topic. Very few people know how to harness it to gain a better relationship with their finances. There is no doubt that managing finances is mainly about technique. What most people do not realize is that our relationship with money influences how we make financial decisions. In some cases, our relationship with money may even make us avoid making those decisions.   

Unconscious money scripts are beliefs that define how we behave with money. Those scripts define what money means to us, how we talk about it, and how we treat it. Your money scripts will translate to your business. The key to overcoming those unconscious money scripts is to change your relationship with money. To make that transition, you will need to:

Identify Your Money Scripts

It starts with being aware of what stories you are telling yourself. Affirmations and manifestation are great, but they will not work if you do not get to the core of your money beliefs. Once you identify your money scripts, you can determine if these beliefs are really yours. It is common to inherit beliefs around finances; after all, our upbringing has an impact on how we view money. Ask yourself if this belief about money is authentically yours or if it is instead someone else’s belief. Where did you pick up this belief? For instance, if you witnessed your parents neglecting their finances, you probably learned to neglect your own.

Reframe Your Beliefs

Once you have identified your money scripts you can start reframing those beliefs. Every time you catch yourself going back to your old belief, reinforce the new one. For instance, if your old belief was, “I am not good with money” replace it with, “I am learning how to take care of money and use this knowledge to make impactful decisions.” Or swap “I have to work extra hard to be wealthy” with “I provide value to my clients and ask for prices which are aligned with my worth.”

Find Evidence of Your New Beliefs

When you get into the habit of reframing your beliefs, the next step is to find evidence of this new belief. For instance, if your new belief is that you will make a six-figure salary, find people you admire or who inspire you doing what you do and making six figures. This will allow you to believe that it is possible to make six figures doing what you love.

Test Your New Belief 

This step is all about owning your worth and knowing that your new belief is available to you. This will take more than just believing, it takes doing. If you want to make six figures and you already know it is available to you then put a plan together of what you need to get there. Once you get rid of your old money scripts, this step will become much easier because you are not doubting yourself, instead you are going for it.

The relationship you have with money is a work in progress, and it will take time to see results. Having awareness of your beliefs is already a big step toward improving that. However, if you feel some of these beliefs are too painful to process alone, you may want to enlist the help of a professional.   

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