How to Make the Best Impression During an Interview (From a Recruiter’s Perspective)

Oct 27, 2021 | 0 comments

As a recruiter, I have interviewed a lot of people with different backgrounds. Although, I am looking at a certain level of consistency when it comes to the interview. What I mean is there are some parts that I expect from the candidate, regardless of their experience or the position.

Here are three examples and a few personal recommendations how you can make the best impression during your interview:

Be prepared. You must be curious and know not only the position you are being interviewed for but also the company to which you are applying. First, make sure you know what the company sells or what are the services they provide. Then ask yourself, why does this company stand out among others? Are the culture and the values aligned with mine? It isn’t a bad idea to look through the company’s social media pages as well. And, by researching their main competitors, you will understand its position in the market and might find interesting articles online.

Be yourself! As a recruiter, we are interviewing you for your skills, but also for your personality. It is almost as important to know if you can do the job as if you are going to fit with the team. After all, remote jobs aside, you spend most of your time with your colleagues, and the energy of the team is what lifts everyone up. You are likely to be motivated, bring positivity and have fun at work if there is a good fit with the team. So be yourself, answer honestly and do not try to be someone else in order to impress. Authenticity is necessary.

Have a list of questions ready. Those questions are an effective way for the recruiter to measure your interest in the position as well as the organization. Try to project yourself as being in that position and have questions prepared related to the daily tasks or challenges of the job.

May I mention that punctuality, dress code and good manners are always in order during an interview. Non-verbal skills are essential and help to make a good impression. These are critical if you are applying for sales or customer service positions, for example.

It is okay to feel nervous! Don’t be afraid to admit it at first if you feel the stress is going to take over. It’s a safe way to break the ice, and you will feel more comfortable. It isn’t in the recruiter’s interest to trick you or make things awkward. We want to have a professional conversation and see if we can help you get the job! Don’t forget to smile and be friendly by closing with a greeting to the recruiter or anyone in the office you might have encountered.

Now go ace your next interview!

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