Basking in the Greatness of Being Short and Appreciating It

Dec 21, 2021 | 0 comments

Sometimes, I don’t love being short. Barely topping off at five feet, which is the same height I’ve been since around the eighth grade, I definitely got made fun of a lot for being short. Coupled with the fact that I have a baby face, my age is consistently questioned, earning me plenty of back-handed compliments that all boil down to how childish I look. No, being short was never something I enjoyed much less appreciated.

Nowadays, my height doesn’t bother me like it used to. I do have moments where I wish I was taller, but the reasoning never adds up. Why should I wish to be taller? Is it somehow inherently better than being short? Sure, it has its advantages but so does being short. Is being tall somehow more beautiful than being short? Certainly not, real beauty comes in all heights. Is being tall somehow more socially acceptable? If so, then it’s simply another reason not to adhere to society’s unrealistic standards.

Self-love can be hard sometimes, and so I need to remind myself to appreciate me just as I am, especially since height is something that will always be the same. Being taller won’t magically solve everything. My height makes no difference in where life will take me. Nor should it make a difference in how others view me. There’s no changing my genetics.

Just as there are pros and cons to being tall, it’s the same with being short. But since today is about appreciating your shortness, let’s focus on the pros! You’ll never have to worry about ducking through a door frame, you’ll always have legroom in the back of a car, and you can fit into any small space really. Moving through huge crowds is much easier and efficient, you’ll most likely always be on the receiving end of piggyback rides, and you can wear all the heels you want no matter what the added height might be.

There are so many celebrities that are short, too. The most famous examples I can think of are women like Ariana Grande, Shakira, Lady Gaga, Dolly Parton, and Simone Biles. While they may experience jokes about their height, in the end, they are still mega-successful and incredible women.

So, bask in the greatness that is being short this National Short Girl Appreciation Day.

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