How Best to Take Care of Your Skin During the Harsh Winter Months

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Personally, I love Lancôme products to keep my skin clear and healthy. The oily skin that haunted me as a teenager and when I tried to wear makeup has helped, with assistance from bottles of moisturizer and toner along with special hydration products, by providing me with no crow’s feet around my eyes and clear skin. But it’s not to be taken for granted.

Health care professionals always want individuals to keep hydrated and that becomes extra important in the harsh winter months where the indoor environment includes heat, a drying agent, and the outdoor weather, with lower humidity, can reduce moisture especially in our exposed faces. Problems may become visible with skin rashes and a brittle feel. Drinking water remains valuable and skin care products create a facial asset. Exercise promotes good health for the entire body and contributes to increased skin health.

Start the extra care early; don’t wait for winter to fully arrive because it may be too late. And be vigilant; waiting until your skin hurts or is dried out by the elements could be problematic.

Add moisture to your home, when possible, usually by a humidifier or vaporizer, and keep face washing limited to cooler water because the hotter the water, the more it dries out our skin. Look for the most popular or top-reviewed moisturizers to use after washing one’s face.

Use a moisturizer with sunscreen especially when planning outdoor activities. Even if the sun isn’t out, the reflection of light from snow or the winter wind often helps to dry exposed skin. Sunscreen provides an extra valuable layer of care. I find Lancôme’s moisturizer with a sun protection filter (SPF) of 50 helps me, but many lines of facial care will include products suited to keeping the elements from attacking the skin.

Seek skin care products without alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) in the cold season because they can provide more dryness and less moisture. Also, avoid products with alcohol and fragrances to assist the skin to retain its natural oils. The use of creams and oils should be included in one’s skin-care routine. Plan to include products with moisturizing humectants, such as hyaluronic acid and glycerin. These are great ingredients for the face, as they allow the skin to breathe and are less likely to contribute to acne.

We need to take care of all our skin, not just our faces. Nighttime use of occlusives which include petrolatum, squalene, and shea butter will seal and protect the moisture in the skin. Don’t forget to use hand cream in this day and age when authorities recommend increased hand washing. Fingertips tend to crack in the cold weather and a strong moisturizing cream can help heal this problem with nighttime applications and possible use of gloves designed to maintain healthy hands (and the gloves are often worn at night to increase the effectiveness of the cream).

Consuming healthy fats like avocado also aids in improving skin health. The vitamin C found in many foods such as kale and other leafy vegetables helps skin to grow new cells and heal which will keep it looking bright and fresh. Significant evidence supports the use of a supplement with omega 3, 6, and 9. Their role is to maintain a healthy cell membrane, which allows a cell to hold water. This healthy barrier will support softer, more supple skin. People with chronically dry skin will often notice diminished dryness and an increase in suppleness and radiance.

What we wear to keep warm will impact our skin conditions. Knitted accessories can be uncomfortable and irritating when worn directly next to the skin. Thus, choosing apparel from items made from natural, breathable materials will be a benefit to the skin also.

Don’t forget the lips! There are a variety of products, tinted or clear, lip care balms to keep them from becoming injured, dried, or cracked.

A few simple changes in what we use and how we add moisture to our lives ultimately provide healthy and vibrant skin. Seek the products you find appealing and try to keep hydrated as we continue through our winter months.

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