Feeling Beautiful in Your Skin is About More Than Just Following Your Skincare Routine

Jun 14, 2022 | Main Blog | 0 comments

I sat down in the makeup chair, nervously looking at the other bridesmaid who just had her face done. I emphasized to the makeup artist I preferred a natural and soft look, but I had to trust her because she knew what she was doing. While prepping my face, she asked me if I exfoliated. I definitely do not since I like to keep my face care routine simple and straightforward with the occasional charcoal mask. “Is that what is wrong with my skin?” I asked. With a straight face, she answered, “Doing it will help your moisturizer soak into your skin. Your skin is very thirsty.” My wheels started turning. The last few months have been a constant battle with dry and acne-prone skin. I have always struggled with hormonal acne, but this is different, and at 30 years old it is embarrassing. I know now that something needs to change.

Properly taking care of your face is not often taught or explained. Some women either do too much or not enough either using expensive skin care lines that take the guesswork out of the proper steps or using a cheap and well-known basic face wash. Eventually, all women come to realize that taking care of your skin is trial and error and constantly changes depending on the season and your age. What you did as a teenager definitely won’t work now as an adult.

In the last 5 years, another layer has been added when taking care of your skin: using products with safer and more pronounceable ingredients. Alarming facts and research are coming out about our skin, our biggest organ, and how we need to consider what we are putting on it. Treating our delicate skin with quality ingredients that provide it with necessary nutrients will not only improve the appearance of our skin, but also our health. Just like we do for our insides with food, avoiding toxic ingredients in skin care products, like well-known endocrine disruptors, we aid our immunity with essential vitamins, look more healthy, and feel more beautiful and confident.

June is the perfect time to reevaluate your skin care products and routine because it’s Beautiful in Your Skin Month. National Today says, “Beautiful in Your Skin month was formed to encourage people to love their skin and convince them to invest in a proper skincare regime.” Don’t forget, “investing” doesn’t have to mean expensive. It means taking the time to do research and test out products that could potentially work for your skin type and routine. There are plenty of safe, effective, and quality products for all budgets on online beauty marketplaces like Credo and The Detox Market, especially since less is more with quality ingredients. Creating or updating your regimen doesn’t have to be complicated. A good oil or moisturizer with sunscreen, face cleanser, toner, and exfoliator are 4 products that provide a good base for healthy skin from the inside out.

Feeling beautiful in your skin is not only accepting and seeing who you are in any phase of life, but also taking care of yourself. How you do that can differ throughout your life, so if you start to feel frustrated with your skin, then switch it up, do research, and invest in quality products that improve your health and confidence! I know for me, I already have an exfoliator in my Credo shopping cart.

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