Are You a Passionate, Tech-Savvy Expert? Welcome to Embrace Your Geekness Day!

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Isn’t it exciting that it is the day of embracing your geekness? It is perfectly normal to show your geekness! Being a geek is fun, and it is boring to be a typical person with no geekness. Regarding geekness, you don’t have to be a video game geek, you can be a geek about any of your specific interests. You can be a science fiction geek, scientific geek, or a technology geek.

Back in the 1800s, the word “geek” was considered offensive; it was a label applied to circus performers. Today that is no longer the case. The word “geek” is no longer classified as offensive, being officially approved in the late 20th century. Merriam Webster defines “geek” as “an enthusiast or expert in a technological field or activity.”

Embracing your geekness is based on your passion for your specialty. Geekness represents knowledge of that specialty as well. Geekiness means being yourself around your specialties and passions. You can be an engineering geek if you’re an engineering major in college. Or you can be a geek about an area that sparks your expert energy within. Are you tech-savvy and don’t mind showing people exactly how that latest gadget works; in fact, it kind of jazzes you? Welcome to your geekiness!

Don’t be shy about revealing your true self or embracing your geekness. It is a good idea to tell your friends about your geekness and ensure that they accept you for who you are – geekness and all. If your friends are judgmental and critical of your geekness, it is best to find the right people and make friends who accept your geekness. No one wants a toxic friend who is judgmental and critical of you just being yourself and embracing your geekness.

Even geeks have different perspectives to their knowledge and specialties, so it is important for them to embrace their geekness and make the community welcoming. If they have disagreements and differences about their passion, they should still be friends with each other and acknowledge those. Embracing each other’s geekness is beneficial to the geekness community and even wholesome and welcoming.

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