Hypnotherapy: How to Change Your Mindset and Ignore Distractions with Hypnosis

Jul 25, 2022 | Main Blog | 0 comments

My first encounter with hypnotherapy would have to be while I was watching The Umbrella Academy, an American superhero television series on Netflix. Allison Hargreeves, played by Emmy Raver-Lapman, fights crime with the use of her voice, mental manipulation. She can control people and reality with the power of her voice by prefacing her statements with “I heard a rumor “ (every superhero needs a catchphrase!) and you will do exactly what she says. This, of course, does not apply to the real world, we would be doomed if it did; but it is similar in that you become more open to suggestions. Hypnosis is not mind-control or mystical powers.

The big question now is what does hypnosis have to do with health and happiness? Today hypnosis plays a major role in psychology with notable improvements in pain and stress reduction. It has also been used to help people with fatigue, insomnia and mood disorders. What typically happens during a hypnosis session is, you’ll begin to relax, ignore distractions and focus your attention. Through controlled breathing guided by your hypnotist you now start to build your point of focus, be it sound or an image. At this point, in most movies, you’ll end up seeing someone do something as outrageous as stealing, regressing on their past life or killing as seen in movies such as The Manchurian CandidateThe Curse of the Jade Scorpion or Dead Again. The most important thing to know about hypnosis is that it’s meant to help you change your mindset similar to what meditation does, yet it’s different as it involves added suggestion.

If you enjoy listening to podcasts then I have to suggest listening to Wondery’s The Shrink Next Door, a true story about Isaac Herschkopf, a psychiatrist who abused his doctor-patient relationship, exploiting them for personal gain. It’s also been released on AppleTV if you prefer to watch a series instead of listening to a podcast. I remember listening to this and thinking hypnosis is potentially the only way a seasoned psychiatrist would get me to uproot my entire life and distance myself from those I consider family. Perhaps it might not have been the case for the victim in this story, but it’s not to say that in the wrong hands, hypnosis can be used as a tool against your well-being. Not every professional is ethical and, therefore, it’s important to find someone trustworthy and qualified to be part of your well-thought-out treatment plan. Alternatively, you could decide to train and learn how to do self-hypnosis. Yes, hypnosis can greatly contribute to your health and happiness but under the right environment and with the right personnel. I think it could be something worth trying.

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