Experiencing Rejection? It May Just be a Redirection for the Betterment of Your Life

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Rejection in any circumstance doesn’t smell good. It stinks, and you are afraid that if the door is opened, you will be exposed. Well, my friend, if you take a step back and analyze it, there is another way to look at it: “Rejection as a redirection.” It’s a way for you to stop and explore the next thing you should do.

Below are some ways in which rejection as redirection can be used for the betterment of your life:

1. A blessing in disguise:

You were rejected by the company where you always wanted to work or perhaps you were employed there but let go. Please step back and analyze this; it was not the perfect match for you. This rejection came as a blessing in disguise to showcase that your best-fit role or company is still out there.

2. Pay attention to the lessons:

When we are rejected, go back, and look at the lessons this experience has taught us. The promotion you were looking forward to went to someone else. Talk to your manager about where you lacked confidence and learn from those lessons.

3. Develop your self-esteem:

When an idea of yours is rejected, it blows your self-esteem. With every rejection, you have a lot of self-doubts, and in a way, it hampers your confidence. Stop it in its tracks. Work on your confidence. Talk to your friends or family members. Take classes if you need to. Use this rejection to build that confidence that you always wanted to have.

4. Work on your weakness:

Try to think of this rejection as a way of working on any weaknesses. Identify those points and work on them. Don’t rush on to the next opportunity just yet.

5. Push out of your comfort zone:

Studies have proved that people improve when they are outside their comfort zone. In other words, operating outside where you’re used to being is where the magic happens.

6. Keep it moving: Life is too short to sit and cry over something which happened in the past. It’s never too late to change. You are in charge of your tomorrow. Will you cry over the past and waste it or take control and make it happen?

Never take rejection as a failure. Just remember that something new is on the horizon, and the doors are lining up to open for you.

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