Embrace Nature and Enjoy the Outdoors on National Hiking Day

Nov 17, 2022 | Main Blog | 0 comments

Today could be your favorite national day if you love the outdoors, are enamored with nature and have the proper shoes to really cover some territory. Can you guess what your favorite national day is? Today is National Hiking Day. Hiking is a great way to exercise and burn calories. It can also be a simple workout for seniors if they are unable to do cardio or advanced workouts. If you prefer a simple workout, hiking can be a wonderful opportunity for you.

The significance of hiking is how it is beneficial financially, socially, and physically. Furthermore, you are not obligated to purchase a gym membership if you are on a tight budget. Hiking is good for your budget, and no fancy workouts are involved. It provides extensive benefits for health and well-being. You can choose to hike alone or with friends and family. Hiking is highly recommended to enjoy with others. However, hiking alone can be fun, too.

Second, hiking is healthy for your heart and body; this applies to anyone at any age. Hiking burns tons of calories if you hike more than 500 miles. Hiking gives you lots of fresh air and an increase of oxygen to your brain and heart. If you need energy and motivation, hiking is a wonderful way to go. Hiking also allows you to experience nature. Taking a hike gives you a wonderful opportunity to enjoy and embrace nature. Participating in nature is essential to hiking, and not just for the health benefits.

I went on a recreational trip hiking with a group of students when I was a student at Sam Houston State University. It took place two years ago before the pandemic struck. This was my first time going hiking, and I burned hundreds of calories hiking in the wild. I also walked 10k miles during this hiking trip. It is worth hiking to embrace nature and burn calories. Hiking is my favorite workout if I want to keep exercising simply.

If you go for a hike today, make sure to use the hashtag for National Hiking Day to celebrate and recognize this day: #nationalhikingday #hikingday or #hiking.

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