Rising Above the “Under” on This National Underdog Day

Dec 15, 2022 | Main Blog | 0 comments

Today is National Underdog Day! It occurs about nine days before Christmas this year. “Underdog” is the term that is used to describe low profile people with not so good luck. Underdogs are known to have less of a reputation in contrast to top dogs. On this special day, it is essential to show love for the underdogs, not just the top dogs. Underdogs need love and inclusivity too, as they are as good as top dogs.

The term “underdog” means below the rank, or “beaten dog in a fight.” Underdogs are known for not getting the attention they deserve while top dogs may get more attention than they deserve. Underdogs are often ignored and treated unfavorably. It is quite unfortunate that society treats top dogs and underdogs in separate social circles.

As an underdog myself, I know how it feels when I have been treated differently from top dogs. I have a hard time accomplishing my goals successfully, and top dogs set up unrealistic expectations for me. Top dogs can be selfish with their expectations for underdogs. I know the pain of underdogs receiving unfair treatment from the top dogs.

For National Underdog Day, let’s celebrate this occasion by making friends with underdogs and include them in our social circles. Underdogs can win and successfully contribute to any activity. They can be as successful as everyone else, even the top dogs! They can be as good as everyone else. Ignore the haters who think that underdogs are not successful. If you are an underdog, I am rooting for you and will always be by your side! Understand that underdogs can win, achieve victories and accomplish their goals successfully. Underdogs can be successful in life!

As Alicia Keys so beautifully expressed it in her song, Underdog:

This goes out to the underdog,
Keep on keeping at what you love
You’ll find that someday soon enough
You will rise up, rise up, yeah

Remember, if a top dog calls you a loser in life, do not listen to anyone who bullies you! It is their problem and their fault. The top dogs can be jealous, and they can be insecure. For an underdog reading this, know that I care about you and support you! Also, if you are an underdog reading this, I love you!

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