Holiday Gift Ideas for That Special Someone in Your Life

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With the festive days around the corner, finding a gift for your special someone can be difficult with all the options out there. Deciding on a gift can be quite stressful, especially if you have left it to the last minute. Lucky for you, we have compiled a list of presents that should definitely go on your consideration list if you want to surprise your partner with the perfect gift!

The types of gifts we are suggesting are of the sentimental type. This means that we are encouraging you to opt for thoughtful ideas rather than expensive ones. The main way to achieve this is through personalised gifts. While buying your partner a nice top can get the job done, why not choose something that shows you are a thoughtful lover who is attentive to important dates in the relationship, inside jokes and nostalgic events?

A Personalised Love Story

LoveBook is a personalised gift service that allows you to create a book that lists all the reasons why you love someone.

What’s great about it is that you get to edit how the book looks with the help of questions that will provide you with pre-existing templates that are the most relevant to your preferences. Don’t worry! These templates can be edited if you want to add extra details or change something you don’t like.

The site is currently having a 15% off Christmas sale and their prices start from $46.74!

This is the perfect gift idea for someone who enjoys an emotional yet fun surprise. Usually, we verbally tell our partners why we love them, but having it in a permanent, material form can be a great additional reminder. This is also ideal for long-distance relationships that may lack that everyday physical reminder of love.

Another reason to opt for this gift is the involvement aspect of the book-making process. You are creating rather than buying a ready-made present. Designing the illustrations and customising the messages written in the book will certainly be appreciated by your special someone, especially once they find out you are the author of your love story!

Custom Song

A number of services offer personalised songs, but our favorite is SongFinch due to their excellent quality and reviews.

While a more expensive option compared to the personalised love book, starting from $199, they allow you to split the cost into four interest-free installments with Klarna, giving you more time to pay in a more affordable way.

According to the site, songs take 4 to 7 days to be created, but with an extra fee you can have it sooner!

What’s great about this service is that you can customise more than just the lyrics to the song. You can also add a photo slideshow that will sync up with the song, allowing you to include pictures of you and your special someone to create both a visual and auditory gift.

You can also get to know your artist by contacting them and listening to other songs they have created and add lyrics that you can read while the song is playing.

This idea is perfect for those who are looking for creative, non-conventional gift ideas. It is such a unique surprise that your partner will never see it coming!

Custom Underwear and Socks

Mystic Hot is a service that provides custom gifts for all categories, ranging from watches to jewellery and lamps. However, our top pick from them is the custom underwear and socks!

The process is remarkably simple. All you have to do is upload a picture of your face or your partner’s face, design it on the site according to your preference and apply it to the final product category you want.

They are currently having a Christmas sale, making this gift idea a super affordable one. Their socks’ prices are currently ranging from $15 to $19.95, making it one of the least expensive options so far.

This gift idea is perfect for those who enjoy having a laugh and possess a light-hearted sense of humour. If you want your special someone to have you with them even when not physically present, make sure to put your face on a pair of socks and let them carry you with them wherever they go!

A Star Map of the Night Sky

For those who want to make a special night even more special, creating a star map of an important moment through the Night Sky is a unique and aesthetic gift that your favorite someone can display around the house.

Whether that night is the one of your first kiss, their birthday or your anniversary, the service will calculate the position of the stars at the time and date you have selected. Once this is done, you can write a personalised message and design the colors, grid, and constellation on your grid.

The shop is UK based, but if you are a US customer, you can have it delivered in 6 to 10 business days with USPS Priority. To make up for the fact that you need to choose international shipping, this is a small business with numerous positive reviews, therefore, you would also be supporting small business owners with your order!

This gift idea will surely be treasured by your loved one, especially if they enjoy stargazing, astronomy, and nature. With a star map of your special night, you can go back in time and forever cherish those memories!

Personalised Mug

With just under $20, this is a creative and affordable gift for your loved one. As someone who has hot beverages every single day, a personalised mug would be a highly appreciated gift – even though I already have a whole collection of mugs!

Your Surprise offers a heat-changing personalised mug, where you can add a photo and/or text of your choice. This could be a love poem, an inside joke or a memorable phrase. The mug appears completely black at first, but when the temperature rises, the photo and text begin to appear. Just keep in mind that is it not dishwasher and microwave safe!

If you are looking to really surprise your special someone, this is the perfect gift. There is nothing better than to have a hot beverage from your personalised unique mug after all!

So…what are you waiting for?

The end of 2022 is fast approaching! Now that you have been inspired by our personal favorite recommendations, make sure to try them out and make the final days of this year special for your loved one!

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