National Thesaurus Day: How to Build Your Vocabulary While Being Concise

Jan 18, 2023 | Main Blog | 0 comments

Today is National Thesaurus Day. What is the significance of thesaurus day, you ask? National Thesaurus Day demonstrates how using a thesaurus improves your vocabulary and literacy skills. Peter Mark Roget created the thesaurus, showing his skill in list-making to condense words. The main purpose of thesauri (yes, that’s the plural version) is to learn about synonyms and antonyms of a particular word. The origins of this word come from the Greek “thesauros,” meaning “treasure” or “storehouse.” For any writer who has found the perfect word in the pages of a thesaurus, that certainly rings true!

A thesaurus sorts each word by category and organizes it. Category and organization are key to a thesaurus, so learners can easily understand the topic of each category and word. Going to a library to borrow a thesaurus or to a bookstore to buy one is a great way to celebrate this day.

Thesaurus Day is a great opportunity to learn vocabulary for kids and adults alike. A thesaurus is used to be more concise with your writing by learning new vocabulary as well as advanced vocabulary. A thesaurus helps writers and learners to minimize wordiness instead using a simpler word to make each sentence easier to understand.

Another good way to celebrate this day is to play a vocabulary game with friends to test their knowledge of advanced vocabulary. For further challenges, it is recommended to test their vocabulary without having them look at a thesaurus.

Learning vocabulary from a thesaurus helps you expand your reading and writing skills. Not only can it help with your literacy skills, but it can also increase your success in other assignments and college exams. It is a great opportunity for building communication skills as well as enhancing creative and technical writing. Lastly, a thesaurus can be applied to help you with your resume, giving you an opportunity for professional growth.

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