Finding Your Favorite People Along the Way: The Importance of Friendships

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Through thick and thin – that’s the best kind of friendship.

In these last years, since the pandemic started, we have placed more importance on mental health. When it comes down to it, friendships are crucial to one’s mental wellness. They are a part of the basic needs of a human being. There are so many reasons to have and keep friends in our lives. As you grow up, you realize that each one is unique, and you learn to appreciate their company more and more. You recognize that your way of making friends has changed compared to when you were younger. But is it hard or just different? I think it’s all about your mindset.

The need

Humans have basic needs; as Maslow said, there are 5 levels to achieving self-realization. One of them is love/belonging, which includes friendship, family, and sexual intimacy. Creating connections with other people is vital in our lives. Since we are born, we are connected to our moms for example. Life is just like that; everything and everyone is connected to one another for a reason. However, to create a stronger bond with friends, communication plays a big role.

And I’ve learned this the hard way…

In fact, I remember that during high school I used to get mad at my friends, and instead of telling them I was angry, I would stop talking to them. This was awkward for days. Now, I don’t get mad easily, and if something bothers me, I will just say it in the moment. Because I’ve realized that life is too short to fight with your favorite people.

Why have friends? What is their importance?

There are endless reasons, and I’ll talk about them from my experience:

  • Having someone to share the exciting, happy, and even sad moments
  • Helping you forget about all the problems and make you laugh until your stomach hurts
  • Wondering about life and having deep talks
  • Always celebrating – the good, the big, and life in general
  • Friends are always there when you need them.
  • They can help you gain the knowledge you don’t have in certain areas.
  • They become family when you are miles away from home.
  • You can even get new jobs because of them.
  • Friends help you to not feel lonely.
  • They can help you improve your physical health and get into exercising with a buddy.
  • They can suggest what to do in certain situations.
  • Friends can inspire you to try new things.
  • They can pick you up when you don’t have any means of transportation.
  • They provide emotional support.
  • You can be you, and they will love you anyway.

Also, you have to be careful with the people you choose to get along with. Because your friends can influence you in a positive or negative way. Very true!

In this case, if you get along with people who are very positive and have ambition, then you are more likely to develop those traits as well.

Life is too short, so the best thing you can do is to make friends who are different from you in age, background, and interests. This will help you grow in many ways personally and open up your mind to new realities.

Finally, take the opportunity of being alive today and go and celebrate friendships. We are not here for long, so be grateful to have amazing people in your life and enjoy the moment. And remember that the real ones will stay forever.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my friends out there. I love you!

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