Reminiscing About Your Favorite Colors? Enjoy National Crayon Day

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Most of us think that Crayola invented crayons; however, it turns out this isn’t true. Can you guess where crayons were invented? Who invented them? They were invented in Europe during the late 18th century. When Europeans discovered crayons for the first time, they were actually made of charcoal. The old-fashioned crayons were very messy and a hassle to use back in the late 18th century. Artists such as Leonardo Di Vinci were famous for charcoal drawings created six centuries ago.

Now for Crayola crayons, they are arguably the most fun school supplies for children. Crayola crayons were invented in 1903, replacing charcoal with paraffin wax, and brightening up the world of children’s art supplies. Now in its 120th year, it’s estimated that Crayola produces 3 billion crayons a year. That’s a lot of 64-color boxes! (Remember that genius built-in sharpener?) Since their start, over 600 shades of crayons have been produced.

Don’t you miss using crayons from when you were little? Back in the day, we used crayons for coloring and enjoyed coloring books for kids. Nowadays crayons are hardly used, and most people prefer colored pencils over crayons, even kids. But it’s times like this when it’s nice to reminisce about having that box of multiple colors to choose from when we were kids.

Not only are crayons fun for coloring, but you can also use crayons for drawing, scribbling, and writing. National Crayon Day is a wonderful opportunity for kids to color with crayons and have a break from homework and mandatory school work in elementary school. This special day is on the 31st, aka the last day of March. On this day, elementary schools should celebrate National Crayon Day for kids, and let them enjoy art classes with crayons.

It’s not just elementary schools, this opportunity should apply for college students and adults, too, if they need a break from their school workload and daily jobs. Adults want to enjoy crayons from time to time because they miss those childhood experiences with their favorite color crayons. Good thing there are adult coloring books, too!

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