National Book Month: Promoting Reading, Writing, Literature and a Memory Boost

Oct 25, 2023 | Main Blog | 0 comments

October is National Book Month. Not only are people excited for Halloween this month, but book lovers are happy to be celebrating National Book Month to promote reading, writing and literature. Book enthusiasts enjoy this month, as do authors, publishers and booksellers who bring you those “can’t put it down” stories.

Books are good for developing critical thinking skills because they demonstrate to readers how to make critical judgments and decisions based on situations. They also entertain by showing pictures without telling what predicts the plot and motive. Books clearly illustrate this strategy called “show, don’t tell.”

Importantly, a memory boost is another reason to read this National Book Month. For those with Alzheimer’s, reading a book can make your brain more productive and focused. Reading can enhance your brain, often helping it to stay active and healthy. Diving into a book may make you developmentally healthy.

To promote book month season, you can either visit the library to check out books, or you can support an independent bookstore by purchasing trending books or any other book of interest. In further support of book month, you can consider reading banned books to give these titles the attention they deserve. Make a trip to the library or drop by your local bookstore to consider reading banned books.

Lastly, this month is a wonderful opportunity to read horror or suspense genre books during the Halloween season. It is perfect timing to find more of those books that capture your interest – both throughout this month and beyond!

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