Want to Check Off Those Remaining End of Year Tasks? These Still Need to Do Day Tips Will Motivate You

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Does maintaining a running list of tasks or goals throughout the year keep you motivated, or does it leave you feeling anxious? For many of us, the act of completing tasks can be cathartic—especially when it comes to tasks that may have been weighing on our minds for some time.

If you’re like me, there may still be items lingering on your list that you hoped to complete before ringing in the new year. Regardless of the time of year, though, there will always be things to do—a running list of projects for work, obligations to yourself or others, and personal tasks or goals you’ve set.

Today, in honor of national ‘Still Need to Do Day,’ here are some tips to help you reset and continue making progress on tasks you still need or want to get done.

Take Inventory and Prioritize Tasks

A good place to start can be by setting aside a few minutes to carefully review incomplete tasks. If it feels overwhelming or you’re certain there is no time to complete everything on your list within the timeframe you set, it can help to reorder tasks by priority, urgency, or importance to you. Prioritization techniques, such as the Eisenhower Matrix, can also be helpful at this stage.

Set Realistic Goals

Sometimes we set goals with the best of intentions without considering whether they are truly as achievable as we envision. If you have a large project you hoped to complete by a certain date, but find yourself without enough time, consider breaking it down into smaller, more manageable tasks.

If you had hoped to finish a book that you haven’t yet opened, set a more realistic goal such as finishing a certain number of pages each day. If you had planned to clean out the entire garage in one go but find it too big an undertaking, see if you can sort through one corner so you can start to make a dent. Often, starting is the hardest part, and small successes might give you the motivation you need to continue the momentum.

Implement the Strategies Most Effective for You

Procrastination can be difficult to combat and sometimes when a task feels particularly important to us, it can add a level of anxiety that makes it difficult to stay focused. This is why finding and using the strategies that work best for you is key. This can include many different tactics, such as:

  • Using Time Management Techniques

There are many apps and tools to assist in managing your time or task list. This includes everything from limiting distractions to utilizing the Pomodoro Technique, which involves taking short breaks to help with concentration.

  • Connecting with Accountability Partners

Sometimes, all it takes is a solid support system. If sharing the goals or tasks you’ve set for yourself with family, friends, coworkers, or others in your life gives you the incentive you need to stay on track, then consider using this strategy in the long term.

  • Creating a Reward System

Celebrate progress by rewarding yourself in a way that incentivizes you. Maybe completing tasks earns you a special reward that makes all the effort to get there worthwhile. There are many ways to build an effective reward system to help you continually make progress.

  • Revamping Your List

Even if you think items will have to remain on your list longer than you anticipated, the way you view and organize tasks can make a difference. Refresh your list by adjusting expectations or rewording your goals so your list doesn’t get stale.

Take Time to Reflect and Acknowledge Your Accomplishments

It’s easy to focus on what needs to be done and forget the things we’ve already accomplished. With the holidays nearly behind us, remember to take time to reflect on the year. Yes, crossing items off our lists can have a positive effect on us, but what we did leading up to that point is important, too.

What did you learn about yourself from the tasks you did (and did not) complete this year? What things will be helpful for you to take with you from this point forward and what things would you like to leave behind? Give yourself time to reflect, express gratitude for what you’ve completed already, and refocus on the tasks that will ultimately lead to feeling a sense of accomplishment.

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