The Positivity and Innocence of a Common Flower: National Daisy Day

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The daisy is a common flower, and it is popular because of its beauty and symbolic significance. The name “daisy” means “day’s eye” as this cheery flower closes its petals in the evening and opens them to the sun the next day. Daisies come in different colors, not just yellow and white. The daisy represents positivity and innocence.

Daisies bloom during the spring season; spring represents a colorful atmosphere and a brightness to the season. It is the main reason daisies are common in the spring. The best time to plant daisies is between spring and summer. There are many kinds of daisies; each one blooms at a different time of the season. Daisies might bloom beautifully during the summer season if watered properly during the summer heat. However, winter is a bad time to plant or bloom daisies because cold temperatures can make the daisies wilt.

A fun fact about daisies is that they are as common as sunflowers. The daisy is actually a relative of dahlias and sunflowers, which means daisies and sunflowers look similar to each other. Daisies bloom almost everywhere except in cold climate areas.

Although daisies may not survive in the winter season, January 28th is National Daisy Day. You can always plant daisies indoors, too. They make the house colorful and beautiful, just like when they’re planted outdoors. Thankfully, daisies are low maintenance and less time consuming to plant and water them. With that in mind, daisies need plenty of water to thrive and survive. Grab yourself a bouquet of cut stems and enjoy the sunniness of the daisy!

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