American Heart Association Shines a Spotlight on Women and Heart Disease

Feb 22, 2024 | Main Blog | 0 comments

Heart disease affects countless people, squeezing fear and pain in its grasp. We would all like to avoid this tragedy in our lives, but few of us realize that women are especially at risk. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in our country. This has gone unacknowledged for years, but the American Heart Association has prioritized efforts to change this.

We must become educated about heart disease. This includes understanding risk factors, prevention, and treatment. The AHA provides information about how diet and exercise can combat cardiovascular issues. Their website also lists warning signs of heart disease and gives instructions for CPR. By learning how this illness works, we can lower our chances of it claiming our lives.

The American Heart Association has worked to get this message into the mainstream. On February 2, we celebrated National Wear Red Day, an eye-catching reminder of the damage done by heart disease. The best part of this movement is its accessibility – it costs nothing to show symbolic support and is as simple as slipping on a red t-shirt.

This topic is particularly relevant because – whether we are aware or not – we all know a woman who is affected by heart disease. It is important to recognize that this is not merely an issue for elderly women; it can attack you at any age. My mother experienced a heart infection in her freshman year of college, and she was still a teenager. It prevented her from pursuing a career in cross-country running and remains a factor in her overall health today (over 20 years later).

As we educate ourselves on heart disease, we will build a community of support for the women who live with it. It is an issue that must be spotlighted; in doing so, we can expand our understanding and learn to tackle heart disease head-on. Every woman deserves the resources to live a healthy life – and it is in our power to make this possible.

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