A Woman Beyond Time and Space: Surrealist Painter Remedios Varo

Apr 15, 2024 | Main Blog | 0 comments

As World Art Day is upon us, I believe we have a historical figure who we relate to as artists. Mine is Remedios Varo; she is the artist that I admire. She is a surrealistic painter with otherworldly tones beyond our reality. I can relate to her as not only a woman but an outcast as well.

Remedios Varo creates paintings of magical beings beyond the veil. It is the beings you can imagine that come through our world when the veil thins. I think of mystical beings such as deities, fey folk, and elemental spirits. My art is similar to her own but in different mediums. Her works are mysterious and unexplainable just like she is, which is what I admire about her.

As an artist myself, I understand the feeling of being an outcast as I perceive normalcy as unrealistic. World Art Day is not only a day to remind yourself of your creativity but to think about who you relate to or who motivates you to create art. She and I share a goal which is to empower women to break the barrier of what is perceived as normal in society. Normalcy downgrades your creative spirit and imagination. Do not let it go, continue to embrace your imagination, and let go of normalcy.

Here are links to the biography and artworks of Remedios Varo.

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