5 Fun Ways to Stay Hydrated from Fruit Infusions to Coconut Water

Jun 23, 2024 | Main Blog | 0 comments

Let’s be honest: Drinking water isn’t fun.

We’ve all heard or read about the benefits of drinking water, but in a world of soft drinks, sweet cocktails, and craft beers, it can be hard to choose the most basic and readily available liquid to consume.

National Hydration Day is on June 23, and with summer coming in full swing across the Northern Hemisphere, there’s no better time than now to think about increasing our water intake.

Here are five ways to make getting (and staying) hydrated fun.

1. Gamify your water intake and hydration levels

One way to make drinking water fun is by gamifying it.

Get yourself a large water bottle with markers that indicate how much water you’ve consumed. This will be a visual cue to help you quantify your daily water intake.

You could also use a habit-tracking app to keep track of how much water you’re having each day. Set up reminders throughout the day so you’re drinking consistently. And once you’ve hit your water intake goal, check off the habit for the day.

Habit trackers can also give you a progress bar that visualizes how often you’ve been hitting your water goals throughout the week, as added motivation for you to keep up the habit.

Another way to gamify hydration is to install a smart humidifier in your room. I use a humidifier that shows me the room’s current humidity on my phone. It also provides me with a chart of humidity levels over the past twelve hours, and it’s very satisfying to watch the chart increase every time I turn my machine on.

2. Infuse your water with fruits

Drinking water on its own can feel tedious – so why not add some natural flavors?

Cucumber, lemon, and mint are classic ingredients to add to water. Lemon is also a natural detoxifier and drinking it in water can help flush out toxins in the body. Simply add these ingredients to a jar of water and steep in the fridge overnight before drinking.

You can also play around and try infusing your water with a myriad of other ingredients – such as ginger and honey, lemon and strawberry, or orange and lime. The possibilities are endless here.

3. Add an electrolyte to your water in the morning

We lose a significant amount of liquid while we sleep. As such, a great way to start your morning is by drinking a glass of water with electrolytes to get rehydrated.

Sea salt, Pink Himalayan salt, or powdered electrolytes are great options, and you could add these to your morning coffee or tea.

Beware of sweet sports drinks – their high sugar content does not make them great options for regular everyday consumption.

If you’re craving something sweet, try lightly flavored electrolyte powders or tabs instead – these give you a hydrating fizzy drink with far less sugar.

4. Swap water for other hydrating drinks

Drinking water isn’t the only way to stay hydrated.

Coconut water is high in electrolytes, making it an excellent alternative to water, especially when you’re dehydrated or have just finished an exercise workout.

Coffee and tea have long been seen as diuretics, but research has shown that drinking caffeine doesn’t actually increase dehydration. This means that you can count teas and coffees towards your water intake.

In social situations where you don’t want to feel left out by sticking with water while everyone else orders drinks, order a sparkling water instead. Carbonated water is just as hydrating as regular water but with the added fizzy feel of soft drinks.

5. Snack on hydrating fruits

If you’re not in the mood to consume more liquids, get your hydration from watery fruits instead. Swap any processed snacks you might have throughout the day for fruit – the fiber in whole fruit helps your body process the sugar in fruit, making it more digestible and filling.

Watermelon, as the name suggests, has a high water content of 92% and is one of the best fruits to eat for upping your water intake.

Peaches, oranges, cucumbers, and berries are also high in water content, and they are great alternative snacks you could have throughout the day.

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