Celebrating Pink in All its Glory: It’s National Pink Day!

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June 23 is National Pink Day! As we all know, pink is a mixture of red and white. The color usually represents femininity, grace, sensitivity, friendship, inner peace, and harmony. However, before the 1940s, boys wore pink, too!

The exact history of National Pink Day is unknown, but there are a lot of interesting facts about the history of the color and even the word “pink”:

  • The word “pink” was first used in the 14th century. It was initially used as a verb.
  • “Pinks” are a class of flowers.
  • In the Middle Ages, pink was used in paintings and clothes.
  • Pink became brighter and even bolder in the 20th century.
  • The “pink-colored” phrase was first used in the 1680s.
  • Men in the 1700s who wore pink were considered fashionable and masculine.
  • In the 1940s, girls and boys were assigned pink and blue, respectively.
  • According to some, pink can have a calming effect on an individual.
  • Interestingly, in other parts of the world, such as Japan, pink is associated more with men than women.
  • The bright pink or “hot pink” color was invented in 1931. Its original name is “shocking pink,” and this pink was created by artist Elsa Schiaparelli.
  • Pink is associated with movies such as Legally Blonde and Mean Girls as characters in those movies feature pink in their fashion choices.
  • You might recognize that pink is also the color for Breast Cancer Awareness. An important cause that we support, and you can, too!
  • The phrase “in the pink” represents someone in good health.
  • Some different hues of pink are magenta, fuchsia, coral, cherry blossom, orchid, and rose.

Fun Activities to do for National Pink Day:

  1. Dye your hair pink.
  2. Plant or find some pink flowers.
  3. Paint your nails pink. Play with different shades of pink.
  4. Wear something pink, such as a pink ribbon, shirt, pants, or whatever else you can find.
  5. Experiment with varying shades of pink.

As pink lovers everywhere celebrate the color and all its glorious shades, we hope today when you “think pink” it brings a smile to your face!

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