International Day of Happiness

Mar 20, 2020 | 0 comments

A day of happiness is coming at a very prime and pivotal part of our year. Chaos and worry are stirring in the minds of every person in the world right now with this confusing and haunting virus. Using this as a strength to come together is the most important thing we have right now. Taking the right precautions and making hygiene and health our number one goals is at the heart of this pandemic. Today is the International Day of Happiness and we can use it to come together. We are strong and logical people who have been sinking in worry.

The International Day of Happiness was started by the United Nations in 2013 with the intent to spread happiness and well-being around the globe. Many individuals have a different idea of what brings them happiness, but looking at it through a wider lens, happiness comes with health, reducing poverty and depression, loving one another and coming together as a nation. In the spirit of this day of happiness, the UN created 17 Sustainable Development Goals that help individuals work out personal achievements that can contribute to our world. 

Some of the UN’s goals are zero hunger, clean water and sanitation as well as gender equality. “Happier Together” is the theme being celebrated in 2020; it is meant to highlight what we have in common and put aside what divides us. With recent prejudice against the Chinese community, we must take this day to reflect on what changes we can enact and bring light forward in order to extend this one day of happiness to create a year of happiness and onward. 

We must protect the planet for future generations and show our children what their world has the potential to be. We are fighters who have the same goal: to be happy and healthy. Many people take this day to host events and spread joy to their loved ones; some create their personal goals to achieve the 17 that the UN brought forward. Let’s spread some happiness today. Together.

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