Self-Discoveries in the Middle of the Pandemic

May 19, 2020 | 0 comments

Let’s face it, Coronavirus took us by surprise. Our world got flipped upside down. We all were put in a position to adapt to the virtual way of life. Learn new formats on short notice and achieve goals with new skills we were not aware we had. Some of us lost jobs, while others had an increase in their work, i.e., grocery stores. We have gone through the months of adjustment with our lifestyle, family, friends, and work. At times we are ready to pull out our hair, and other times it felt so good not to rush out the door every morning. What is happening to us? Well, allow me to welcome you to the new era of our lives, this world of self-discoveries in the middle of the pandemic.

I’d like to point out three ways of how we have made some important self-discoveries:

I am a Tech Savvy Person

Many of us held jobs before the pandemic that had a great balance of equilibrium when it came to technology and human interactions. Now, it is primarily technology, limited physical contact, and everyone is discovering how much time, money, and effort can be saved just by working from home.  

Companies have recognized that remote work is an option that saves them rent, insurance, maintenance, and utility costs. Employees save energy and gas money, there are no harassment possibilities, and the list goes on. We got to learn and/or polish up our digital skills, shift our focus in a more comfortable environment away from work politics and unnecessary supervision.  

We were pushed to learn a new set of skills which are now an essential part of our environment. From adults to kids, we are learning and complying with all software that schools and companies are using, pushing ourselves past the necessary skills, prepping for the new way of life. 

Every calamity is an opportunity to make a decision. There has been a rise in online businesses selling products and services in this new era of “convenience.” People are discovering their passion and bringing it online for the right consumer to explore.  

I am a Relaxed Person

Some parents were making a choice to homeschool before the pandemic and were judged. Now here we all are homeschooling our children. We are not packing lunches, not yelling at children to rush, get ready and eat breakfast quickly so we do not arrive late for work after navigating the bad traffic. Be honest, I am sure I am not the only one learning to appreciate technology for the ease it is bringing to our lives. 

It is keeping our minds at peace. Parents and children are working and being educated in the same safe environment of their home. The paranoia some of us held due to school and public shootings has been eased for us. Personally, I am a paranoid mom, and I am finding myself much more relaxed and calmer having my children in front of me.

Lastly, all family members are interacting and trying to adjust to each other’s responsibilities and time.  Imagine discovering new facts about your spouse and family member. Communication and frustrations were present when quarantine started; however, as time is moving forward, the family who never had lunch together is finding themselves eating together, not just for dinner but three times a day. I couldn’t imagine anything more relaxing than being at peace, surrounded by loved ones.  

I am an Adaptable Person

We are a human race, more capable of adapting to a changing environment than any other living being. Human beings have evolved through the stone age, we went from riding animals to driving cars. Our history is the witness of our capabilities. We are the ones who have created advancements in our lives and evolved with it. We have gone from caves to huts to houses. We can survive in different climates just by adjusting what we wear. We are scientists; we have created artificial limbs and hearts, and heck, we even went to the moon. As a human race, we have built so much by using the limited resources nature presented us. If the best thing to do right now to beat Covid-19 is wash my hands multiple times, so be it!

We are patient, yet we are anxious; we are experiencing an abundance of emotions, and yet we are enduring. We are continuously trying to figure out solutions to circumstances that were not a result of our decisions. The best outcome from this pandemic has been the series of self-discoveries many of us have made. We have now learned our new abilities and polished the skills that we did not even trust before. I have never believed myself to be tech-savvy, but here I am, getting by just fine. 

This time has allowed us to recognize our strengths and how we perform when given a different set of challenges, tasks, and environments. I am happy to say many of us were surprised to recognize how capable and adaptable we really are. When this pandemic hit, we went into quarantine, facing an adjustment we were forced to make. Now we are here, a few months later, content, relaxed, and with our newfound adaptations that we have discovered make us more productive, comfortable, and skilled.  

We have adjusted well after going through months of lifestyle changes. We are passing through a journey of self-discoveries, recognizing our strengths and weaknesses, and we are adapting to this new technology. A lot remains unpredictable, but instead of worrying about the unseen, we can work with what is on hand and move forward day by day. We do not have to panic through the pandemic.

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