A Spiritual Shift

Jul 7, 2020 | 0 comments

As we look at the world around us and what we see, we must not grow weary. Everything is in divine order as we are undergoing a spiritual shift. Yes, it is intense, and many are growing faint, but for those who are spiritual, we understand. We are simply going through a spiritual awakening that is allowing us to reflect and review our lives and what is important. As our spirits are continuously being awakened, we will experience other life events that will perpetuate fear and anxiety, but understand this, “God is with us.” There is nothing new under the sun. The new norm is taking us deeper into self-awareness and into a paradigm shift.

For those of you who are experiencing a traumatic discourse, I encourage you to hold on to those who have a gift of insight who can offer you guidance, direction, and encouragement. It is needed for so many in this hour. Please understand that what the earth is going through is necessary because “me” are now becoming “we.” Though we are distant to so many, emotional intelligence is being experienced in the home again. Families are having dinner together. Parents are teaching their children. Board games have been pulled out from under the bed. We are being forced to seek a higher power. And, for those of us who are already spiritually inclined, we are seeking greater guidance and a whisper in our spirit. We are all in this together. Am I my sister’s keeper? Yes, I am.

I want to encourage you that this too shall pass. Take this time to dig deep within and to get to know yourself. Let this be the time you do the inner work of healing, loving, and experiencing faith on a deeper level. This spiritual shift is not here to overpower you, but to make you stronger spiritually. Some of you will be catapulted into something great and beautiful. Some will receive direction and clarity on prayers prayed. And others will experience a deeper purpose for living. Whatever the case, enjoy the journey. Woman of Destiny Arise and Come Forth!

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