The Authentic You is the best version of you. The Authentic You represents your right to be free and live life on your terms and in your way. I cannot talk about the Authentic You enough. Why? Because I meet women who continuously wear a mask pretending to be something they are not. We adorn the outer self with fine clothes, makeup, expensive fragrances, and jewels, but the inner self is wanting to be free. I must admit that your freedom could potentially cost you relationships – family, friends, and business. My position from experience is that it is worth it.

From age 0 to age 40, I lived life on other people’s terms their way, but when she (The Real Cheron) emerged, life changed. I was ready to let go and allow the universe to align the puzzle pieces on my behalf. I wrote books, a reality show, a movie, and my life began to shape itself in a more successful and productive way. I was now smiling from the inside out and living on purpose. I WAS FREE to do what I wanted when I wanted whether taking a month’s vacation to a foreign country or creating something that could potentially change the world. I began to live.  I could breathe. My self-love was now evident to others. Happiness became my friend.

As you continue on your journey, ask yourself if you are living or just existing. Living is a way of life or a lifestyle. Existing is just surviving. Living is choosing happiness. Existing is being here physically and doing enough to get by. Based on the previous options, I’d rather live. You have a choice. I hope that you choose to live your authentic life.

I am beyond excited to join Her Nexx Chapter as their newest Virtual Coach! My program, Her Self Connection, will give you a heightened perspective of your purpose and show you how to live authentically and free! Come join me on the 4th Wednesday of every month at 7:30 pm CT. Let’s connect!

The Future of Connection for Women

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