Abundance: More Than Material Wealth

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“…Lashes and diamonds, ATM machines, Buy myself all of my favorite things…” – Seven Rings by Ariana Grande

When you hear Ariana Grande’s song about material desire and wealth, what comes to your mind? As empowered, self-sufficient women, we want what we desire; heck we work hard for it so why not treat ourselves? Although when seen through the eyes of abundance, do we need this much?

When we speak of abundance, we have to look into what it indeed means. Abundance generally indicates a state of having plenty of wealth and living a luxurious life. I, however, have come to understand it a little bit differently.  

I realized that our lives should hold value, and we should measure them in more than just terms of physical commodities. We usually believe an abundance of great wealth is the answer to our problems, the solution to our needs,  when we can pay for and satisfy any of our desires. Still, this remains: The collection of material wealth is not a solution that will lead to our inner satisfaction. Material abundance comes with a limit; either we will run out of space or money. Nor can all we have spent give us permanent satisfaction. We will buy valuable items that will go unnoticed sooner or later, diamonds that will be left untouched. The abundance of material wealth will not fill in the gaps of our emotional emptiness or mental health, permanently. Money can buy us a lot of attention when it comes to getting noticed, but we cannot purchase genuine care and affection.

When I realized I should open my mind and accept that my well-being and sanity desires more than material wealth, I recognized and began receiving other kinds of abundance that came in the form of health, love, and gratitude. With COVID, all of us are on edge lately, and those of us who are healthy find peace in knowing we can fight it off if we happen to get infected. The abundance of good health is critical, especially right now.

I work with a lot of clients who find themselves lonely. After a long day of work, when I turn around and go back to my family, my heart fills with joy and love. I find myself emotionally fulfilled having an abundance of care and affection I would not dare take for granted.  

Just because I am a Life Coach, does not mean my relationships do not go through challenging phases. When we experience this, my skills come in handy, and I work to mend the relationship. I keep falling for the same man with every fix. I like this abundance of assurance that we can restore what breaks rather than throw it away as if it were a material thing.

I cannot begin to explain the people I have worked with and the stories I have helped them write in my profession. I feel an abundance of gratitude each time a client puts their trust in me to help her get out of a problematic situation.

Happiness, peace, and vitality are elements each and every one of us is striving for from the inside while filling up spaces with material goods around us. Abundance of fulfillment on the inside is more important, no matter how much you gain; there is no limit to it, the more, the merrier. We desire fulfillment and purpose which provides abundance when it comes to a sense of wholeness.

In today’s times, it seems that we are channeling the wrong message when it comes to abundance consciousness. Why are we now finding ourselves measuring success with the amount of money one has or their house’s square footage? We have created a society where material comparisons lead to inner dissatisfaction and following that, to a sense of failure and loss.

An attempt to find an abundance of satisfaction in the material also leads to not having enough because the joy gained is only for a moment, and then we want to move forward to the next best thing. How often do we admire the abundance of nature and the sheer joy of beautiful scenery? We spend so much time behind closed doors, earning money to buy bigger and better items, filling up spaces while still feeling empty.

My advice is to take a moment to pause and stop what you are doing and look around you. The hard work you are putting in should give you an abundance of satisfaction and fulfillment on the inside, a complete feeling of being whole. Debt should not be an option, but material wealth has its limits; however, an abundance of love, care, affection, and the amazing nature that surrounds you, doesn’t.

As your Mindful Coach, my advice is to be aware of how you feel emotionally, mentally, and physically while paying attention to those present in your surroundings. The more informed you are of what you truly desire other than just material wealth, the greater your ability to share and give with abundance and recognize what matters most in your life and to you. Become the source of abundance and create what informs your desires and dreams, serving and loving those who matter to you. Fill up your heart rather than the spaces that surround you.

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