First Thing in the Morning

Jul 15, 2020 | 0 comments

Something people might not know about me is that I work nights. This is generally not recommended by doctors, parents, or practically anyone (except the desperate boss). It seems to be working for me, however, and one way I know is the bits of mindfulness I get to have first thing in the morning.

An abundance of short podcasts with three to fifteen-minute daily meditations are available. It’s easy to find them on practically any podcasting sites. Sometimes I have a bit of trouble falling asleep in the morning, with the sun out and my roommates getting ready for work. So, I listen to a mindfulness app talk me through a basic meditation for a few minutes. Often, I have to slow my breathing and think on something positive. Some of my favorites check in with me emotionally, allowing me a moment to sit with my feelings and not bury them into an already seen Netflix show till I fall asleep.

After it ends, I continue laying in my bed, and just try to be happy to be there. I refuse to hash out all the things that went wrong during the day or the many tasks for when I wake up. I probably won’t remember my brilliant ideas in the morning, and I can’t take away the day’s mistakes. Often just lying in bed, focusing on my cat curled next to me, and the blanket weighing me down, turns out to be the best way to end the day. I get to be truly mindful: focused on the present moment and one with myself. 

Mindfulness isn’t something I only end the day with, however. I try to start my day with a meditation as well, and then focus on doing only one thing at a time when possible during the day. When I drink my coffee while reading, I don’t totally experience my coffee. People may think doing only one thing at a time keeps you from really getting a lot done, but I find I write better when I’m writing an article and not writing an article while checking Facebook.

True mindfulness takes setting time aside to specifically check in and be mindful, and also not living a lifestyle that promotes mindlessness. It’s done one moment at a time, without a worry about what the rest of the day will bring. 

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