Is Purpose Driving You?

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Are you thinking forward, or do you find yourself craning your neck to see all that is behind you? Through a windshield, we have an expansive view of where we are going. The small rearview mirror gives us a narrow glimpse of where we have been – what is in the past and cannot change. 

The person you see in the rearview mirror can change. Who you see is at the wheel, who you see can alter her future at any moment. Who you are and who you can become is fully within your control. 

Jim Rohn once wrote on a whiteboard, “The past does ≠ the future.” That powerful perspective has given me strength in times when it felt like I was swimming up an elevator shaft not knowing when a door would open. That statement reminds me that even if my current situation was years in the making, I can be different; I can make decisions that can change myself and my circumstances through my Will. 

Some people navigate their lives by activity-based goals, situational desires and trying to make things work. We might start doing things or developing skills because our parents encourage us to pursue certain careers, or because our friends are pursuing certain goals, or because we think we can make a lot of money, or because we get a job and, well, it seems easier to have a job we know than to stretch or take a role where we are less confident. 

We may find ourselves on a Doing track, and the things we are doing begin to define who we are. Our capability becomes limited by a skill or a lack of a skill. Maybe we even start hitting the snooze button wishing we didn’t have to do the same old day in the same old way.

What if we could decide the person we will develop to be instead of letting activities define the person we come to be? Good news – you can reveal your DNA and begin a purposeful life today!

Discovering Purpose unlocks our North Star – a guiding light that enables a future that unfolds naturally from your Being. When you discover Why you are you, you can be a person who feels successful and is successful before you put your hands to do anything. 

Purpose – the reason you are here for the benefit of others – guides sound decisions, behaviors and actions that keep us on a path where there is more success than failure and fulfillment in place of fear.

Purposeful people understand why they exist, so how they should act is clear to them. Self-assurance flows through purposeful people, meaning lights them from the inside and energizes them to be resolved and determined to overcome any challenge.

Purposeful people are naturally competent in their chosen path and are predictable in positive ways. They transform people and situations around them for the better and are not fearful of limitations – their own or others.

Purpose is the first component of the Inspire Success Equation of Purpose + Vision + Mission = Benefits/Outcomes. Realize success for your life by starting your thinking where typical planning does not and takes you where goal-based planning cannot.

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