A Simple Act of Kindness

Oct 5, 2020 | 0 comments

I’ve had my fair share of terrible days–whether I felt frustrated at my day job or disappointed with my friend canceling our lunch plans at the last minute. But no matter how disappointed or frustrated I felt, I would always say, “Because I am having a horrible day, it doesn’t mean someone else has to.”

That is what National Do Something Nice Day is all about. It gives us the opportunity to take a step back from our personal struggles and show a simple act of kindness to others. But how can we express our generosity to others while living in a pandemic? 

Here are some easy, heartfelt ideas to express your kindness:

  • Reach Out to an Old Friend or a Distant Relative

 We burn ourselves out by struggling through an eight-hour work shift or tackling back-to-back errands. Taking a moment to reach out to someone in your life reflects your appreciation for this person. Don’t let yourself think that they may be too busy, and it would be better to reach out at a later time. Sending a simple text message can make a difference.

  • Give a Stranger a Compliment

I believe our words are just as powerful as our actions and even the simplest compliment can uplift someone’s day. Let your next-door neighbor know how great her new hairstyle looks or tell a worker at your local grocery store how you appreciate his hard work. Whether you leave a note or tell them in person, one compliment may lead to a great connection.

  • Virtually Volunteer

While living in a pandemic, it may be difficult to find volunteer work. However, organizations, such as iCouldBe, where volunteers help mentor children, and Translators Without Borders, where volunteers translate knowledge to people all over the world, offer great virtual volunteer opportunities for anyone who wants to help. I mean, who wouldn’t want to make a difference in the comfort of your own home?  

We express our kindness in different ways through extravagant gifts or modest messages. As long as it comes from you, your generous actions can inspire others to spread kindness in their own communities.

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