The Inspirational, Tactical Experts of How to Have a Money Mindset

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Do you need a new perspective when it comes to finances? Join us on our virtual Zoom panel event, How to Have a Money Mindset with Her Sensible Budget Coach, Kia Wells on Thursday, October 15 at 6:30 pm CT 

For this event, Darlene Ellison, Senior Vice President, Business Development Director at Veritex Bank, and LaRora Hestle, Founder of The 1st Step, Inc., will be joining us as our speakers, discussing ways to have a money mindset.

But there is more to our panelists than meets the eye as we explore their goals and the ideas that motivate them through their lives. Now, let’s meet them.

Darlene Ellison: Independence and Determination as Motivators

Darlene Ellison’s knowledge, determination, and passion inspire women to feel empowered, giving them the courage to tackle any challenge when managing finances. She tells us that in society, we would rely on others with money, leaving no independence. She adds, “Today if a woman is in a relationship, we want her to come to that table with her own, strong money mindset that is a PARTNER in the relationship. There is nothing more empowering and satisfying than realizing your own money independence!”

Holding 14 years of experience in finance banking and working as the Senior Vice President of Veritex Bank, Darlene continues to inspire women to create their own path. One of her accomplishments was establishing the Women in Business Program, which helps to connect women who are entrepreneurs and professionals. Within that program, young college-aged women are invited to meet with experienced mentors and receive paid internships to grow within the professional environment. These young women gain important business experience, but to Darlene, this program encourages women to take charge of their next steps. 

LaRora Hestle: Persistence and Sustainability are Key Factors

LaRora Hestle drives herself through making a difference, and each step that she takes inspires others to move forward. When talking about her definition of a money mindset, she emphasizes the importance of having persistence. She explains, “There are a lot of different steps you have to take, and there is a process [that] once you have made the choice which may not be the best choice, that you can still recover from it…It may not be fast, but [you] will get there.”

From assisting clients with credit repairs and budgeting finances, LaRora’s skills and expertise encouraged her to established her non-profit organization, The 1st Step, Inc. The 1st Step, Inc. inspires homeless women and children to believe in second chances. Each day they focus on, “the total woman transformation,” by providing not just a roof over their heads but a sustainable lifestyle. LaRora explains, “We are not saying just successfully achieving the challenges of just receiving any job, but we want you to have a job that is going to sustain you…because we don’t want you to be in this same situation again.”

From making a difference to learning the tips and tricks of managing money, these inspirational ladies will be teaching us how to change our perspectives about money and move us toward finding our own money mindset. 

Our Her Nexx Chapter Community invites you to join us where women are connecting with each other’s stories, exploring different experiences, and transforming ideas.

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