Breathe: How to Take a Mental Break

Dec 16, 2020 | 0 comments

While working remotely, our homes have become a place of endless Zoom calls and ever-increasing emails, leaving no separation from the fast-paced life. We can become distracted and so overwhelmed that we often feel tired at the end of the day. Our obligations prevent us from thinking about the most important priority—ourselves. 

We all need to take a breather even if it is for a day or just five minutes. With the holidays approaching, we wonder how we can utilize our time through self-care. Instead of focusing on our given tasks, why not shift into activities that center on our well-being. These activities can be done with the people we love or just for ourselves during the holidays. As long as the activity brings us into the moment, we will feel refreshed by the end of this year.

Here are some ideas of what we can do during this upcoming holiday break!

Cooking a Meal

Instead of baking cookies for Santa Claus or ordering food online, spare the time to create a meal for yourself. According to experts, cooking and baking can be therapeutic in how it reduces anxiety and promotes creativity. It allows us to stay present through our senses, especially in touch, taste, and sound. It can be something simple as a quick snack, like bell pepper pizza boats, or a childhood meal that we absolutely crave. As long as it is a meal that we want to eat, the first bite will taste so rewarding.

Having a Spa Day

We may not be able to visit a spa or salon, but we can turn our own bathrooms into one. On Medium, a blogger talks about her realizations while painting her nails as “every anxious thought dissipates.” Including nail painting, taking a hot bath improves our breathing and allows us to relax. Like cooking, any spa activity can bring us to the present, giving us a moment to nurture our bodies. Paint your nails in a festive color scheme or use a bath bomb with your favorite scent. It is time to treat ourselves this holiday season.

Creating Art

If it is with a brush and a canvas or through playing an instrument, bring your imagination to life. Organizations like Resources to Recover encourage individuals to create art, reducing anxiety, and building self. They explain, “Anyone who feels overwhelmed or pressured by the hectic world we live in should try art therapy. Creating art will give you a chance to slow down and explore any issues you may be having.” We do not need to be artistic geniuses to create art because art does not have the right answer. The openness gives us an opportunity to focus on how to express ourselves. It can even go beyond painting and drawing—it could be through music, photography, dancing. As long as we are creating art, with the accomplishment comes a sense of fulfillment.

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