Cheron K. Griffin: The True Wonder Woman

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Wonder Woman may have the speed, the lasso, and the super strength to be a well-known hero, but being a hero is much greater than having extraordinary abilities and gear. Every woman from different walks of life holds a special power that does not require super strength or the Lasso of Truth.

On Tuesday, January 26, Her Nexx Chapter and Inspire HER will be coming together for a collaborated event with the theme of “Her SuperPowers.” InspireHER’s Keisha Allen, their Super Woman Founder, will host this event and introduce one of our Workshop Facilitatores, Cheron K. Griffin. 

From being a speaker, writer, and life coach, Cheron shares some of her experiences in finding her own power and becoming a hero to everyone. 

The Dancing Hero with a Margarita

To Cheron, a hero is someone who has the capability to rescue and connect with others through encouragement and support. That connection contains power. When I asked for her inspirational hero, she said, “I feel like I’m my own hero because I caused myself to get up. I could have stayed in a bad situation, but I chose to change.”

After 16 years of marriage, Cheron empowered herself to change as she drove into a new city, leaving her former life behind. She recalls walking into a club in her best outfit and dancing with a smile for the first time in a while. She expresses, “People in the church [ask], ‘how did you get delivered?’ I got delivered with a margarita in my hand on the dance floor. I had forgotten how to dance, but now I can boogie-woogie!” From that point on, she continues to live her life for herself instead of what others want her to be.

Despite her past relationships and other people’s expectations, Cheron emphasizes that she would not change a thing in her life. Her experiences have shaped her to become the person she is today. “There is a lesson in everything, even in getting the lesson,” she explains, “And many people want to point the finger, but sometimes, we have to look at ourselves.”

Saving the Day

In her blog, “The Authentic You,” Cheron writes how women tend to hide their true selves from others. She talks about how people are afraid of what others may see in them. Their masks of being someone else provide comfort, but she shares how that can hold them back from becoming who they want to become.

As she is her own hero, Cheron wants to be the hero that others needed as well. She believes that she can connect and help others find their own path. Her power led her to public speaking events, writing books, and being a life coach. She shares, “I want people to live their best lives, and to experience the things that I experience that are so positive and life-changing.”

But Cheron did not stop there. She started a suicide prevention organization called I See You Campaign, having a goal to bring awareness to suicide. The organization is about being “the voice of the voiceless.” Cheron wants the I See You Campaign to remind people that it is okay to feel frustration, depression, and tiredness. “We need to listen with our hearts, and not just our ears,” and adds, “we need to take people seriously when it comes to mental health issues.”

Taking First Steps

From her past experiences to discovering who she is, Cheron has evolved into a confident and lively person today, and she shares her superpower with us.

As she evolves into the hero that she was born to be, Cheron continues to encourage and inspire everyone, especially women, to give themselves space and time to discover who they are as a person. By learning about our happiness and our drive, she reminds us that “all those things [are] going to lead to your authentic self and living up to your freedom.”

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