With Thanks and Support for Female Frontline Workers

Jan 18, 2021 | 0 comments

Female frontline workers have become the nation’s largest population of essential workers.

One of my favorite shows is known for a quote in which a character says, “Females are strong as hell.” Nurses, doctors, caregivers, and other frontline health workers face unimaginable challenges that I can’t even begin to fathom, yet these women have been there since day one of this pandemic. Considering everything they’re doing for us, from working 12-hour shifts to stocking shelves at grocery stores to providing childcare and other social services, females really are strong as hell. 

There’s been an overwhelming response of gratitude and support over the sacrifices these women have made within the many months of COVID-19. Now that we’re in a new month and a new year (finally!), showing appreciation for women on the frontlines is still a high priority for those of us who want to express our thanks. It’s encouraging to see states and cities across the country rallying together for better access to mental health resources, accumulating monetary donations for essential household items and grocery store needs, and implementing other forms of relief for these women. 

In Warren, Pennsylvania, an online fund has been designed to raise money for food and supplies for frontline workers. Called the “Frontline Workers Support Fund,” donations can be made on its website at wccbi.org. 

New Orleans artist Terrance Osborne has honored healthcare workers through a new painting called “Front Line” and has donated 1,000 prints of the artwork to hospitals throughout the city. 

In Texas, a COVID Relief Fund has been implemented to help support communities across the state wherein donors can provide monetary relief and resources to organizations like the San Antonio Ronald McDonald House and Meals on Wheels. 

Many relief efforts have been established in California, both statewide and throughout individual cities, where donations can be made to help families and essential workers impacted by the coronavirus. 

Whether you go big or go small, every effort made towards recognizing our female frontline workers reminds us that, even though they’ve been helping us, these women deserve our help, too. Let’s keep lifting them up and support them for their exceptional resilience. After all, they don’t make Funko Pop hero figures for just anybody. 

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