Making a Choice to Simplify

Jan 22, 2021 | 0 comments

You always have a choice.

We often think we don’t, but we do. YOU always have a choice. You have a choice how you spend your time, what you eat and how much you move. These habits affect our health, what our house looks like, our relationships and our free time. We feel obligated to do this, keep that, watch this…but why? What if we considered simplifying? 

We do not often evaluate where obligations come from. If we are honest, they can be derived from our own expectations and assumptions which we subconsciously impose on others. Consumerism does this exceptionally well.

Don’t you love when you are reading a digital article and a huge box pops up, asking, “Would you like to receive updates on the latest fashion?” or “Would you like to get tips to (fill in the blank)?” You are met with completely opposite responses when you choose “No, thanks.” Your response says, “No, I already know everything about fashion” or “No, I’m not ready to grow.” Wow, that’s harsh. That’s also the point of the sale. It’s all about choice.

What about real life? The good news is we have a choice there, too, and it’s rarely so drastic. Do you really need to watch Netflix every night to unwind? What if you talked with your family or called a friend? Do you need to keep that family heirloom simply because it is a part of your family? What if it could bless a stranger? Do you need to have a glass of wine every night to relax? What if you stretched out on your yoga mat for ten minutes? Do you really need a bread machine even though you never bake bread? You decide. It is your choice. 

As a society many people are straying from the consumer culture and moving toward a simplified and minimalistic mindset. We have felt the stress, the debt and the overstimulation. We have experienced the anxiety. We have reorganized over and over. We have lost the time. 

We don’t think we believe the lie that “stuff” will buy us happiness but given how many times we have cleaned out the closet, maybe we still do. Perhaps now is the time to select “No, thanks.” 

Start with your inbox. Unsubscribe to the stores you don’t go to and the articles you save but never read. Commence with the kitchen drawer that causes your heart to race every time you open it. Tackle those unruly socks. The origin of your process can begin anywhere, but begin it. You just might be amazed at what you will gain once you let it go. 

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