Benefits of Zumba Beyond Fitness – Improve Your Well-being, Pain Tolerance and Sleep

Oct 1, 2021 | 0 comments

Numerous benefits of Zumba dancing can be enjoyed, and it does not feel like a typical exercise. I am one of the many people who are doing Zumba dancing, and I do it not to lose weight but to improve my mental health and my overall well-being.

I did a bit of research and found several ways that Zumba improves your overall physical and mental health. I learned that it is a whole body work out that focuses on your core, legs, and glutes, areas around which most women, including myself, are trying to lose weight. The Zumba dances are a form of aerobics, which are medium and high-density workouts, but yet, they’re beginner friendly. It increases your core strength and flexibility. Zumba also helps lower your blood pressure and increase your tolerance to pain. The most important and beneficial thing of all, it improves your sleep.

You can join a Zumba class or if you prefer to do it at home, you can buy a CD. Personally, I prefer to do Zumba in the comfort of my own home, so I subscribe to a Zumba YouTube channel that helps me get into the groove. You do not need any equipment, nor do you need to be a pro at dancing, just move and groove. If you are looking for Zumba with strength training, there are videos or programs that will help you learn how to use light weights

It also helps improve your mental health as well. Zumba and any other forms of exercise reduce stress and improve your mood. It also alleviates anxiety and depression. Zumba can help enhance your self-image, social skills, and cognitive thinking. All workouts, including Zumba, release endorphins which help to improve your mood and your outlook on life.

I currently suffer from anxiety. I have suffered this mental illness ever since I was a child. I used to constantly eat to cope with my mental illness. I had issues with sleeping and socializing with others. A year ago, I connected with a psychiatrist who prescribed Zoloft for when my anxiety continued to get worse during the pandemic. Then I decided to try Zumba.

Trust me, at first, I felt a little embarrassed about my lack of dancing skills and fumbling feet. But once I started to get into the groove and just move to the beat, I start to gain more confidence. Confidence in being myself, boosting my social skills, and love for the body I was born in. I highly recommend Zumba because it gives me a positive outlook on life, and it helped me learn to love my beautiful body.

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