Don’t Be Afraid to Address Your Resume Gap: Here’s How to Own It

Nov 29, 2021 | 0 comments

Three years ago, I decided to quit my job and be with my family. My child was growing up, and I was recovering from health problems. At that moment, I never thought of what would happen when I decided to go back to work. Those were my happy times, and I was soaking up each moment. No meetings to get to and no deadlines.

In 2019, I started thinking of going back into the workforce. When I looked at the job postings, it was terrifying to see the requirements. That jolted me to my core. Am I of no good now? With this thought, I started doing my research on how my career train can restart, and this is what worked for me:

1. Study: You don’t have to do a 3-year college course but doing a certification in your field of interest will show that you are investing time in your growth.

2. Rewrite your resume: When you decide to come back after a gap, it’s time to visit your resume and update it. Maybe consult a professional resume writer.

3. Use of social media: With the current times, social media is the place where you will get more traction. LinkedIn is an excellent place to start. You can even post about your job search, and people who are strangers to you may read it and some might reach out as well.

4. Prepare yourself mentally: Taking that initial step to getting into the job market requires keeping a positive attitude. You may experience rejections, and if you have a positive and learning attitude, you will never stop.

5. Network with people: Learning from new people is very inspiring, and that’s why you should go out and network with those who are in your field, or even ones who are not. Relationships often lead to job referrals.

6. Own your gap: When someone asks you about your resume gap, be honest and tell them why you had taken that time. There can be many reasons, and telling the truth is what makes a potential employer see you as a responsible employee.

7. Concentrate on giving your best: Keeping well-versed in one’s field makes you stand out during interviews. People are impressed with the knowledge and effort that you are putting into your return to the workforce.

In the end, it’s your attitude of never giving up that will make your comeback story a success. Remember, everything begins when you decide to take the first step. I wish you all the best in your journey.

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