Make the Sweet Times Sweeter: Baking Cookies and Sharing the Love

Dec 22, 2021 | 0 comments

December is the month when the holidays and festivities begin. It is the beginning of seeing loved ones and showing our love and appreciation for each other through gifts and sweets. The most popular sweets during this wonderful time of the year? Cookies!

Exchanging cookies has been a long and historical tradition in Europe and America. It is a tradition of showing respect and love for each other during celebrations. Who doesn’t love cookies? Cookies are a common and traditional treat to give others a sense of comfort and joy, especially during the holiday season.

In fact, every year my sister and I make gingerbread cookies. It is therapeutic to make something sweet with a loved one and give these treats to others to show our expression of love and gratitude. Ever since I was a child, my favorite part of the holidays is making cookies with my mom. It’s not because of the smell and how delicious they taste, but the joy expressed by someone who has received our homemade treats.

Secretly, we are all cookie monsters. Do not feel shame when you eat the rest of the cookie dough.

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