National Poetry Month: A Reminder to Appreciate the Creativity of the Written Word

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It is the season of spring; flowers are blooming, and the temperatures are starting to climb. Spring awakens your creative side of description. Did you know that April is National Poetry Month? It is a month to remind us of the importance of creativity of the written word.

Poetry gives us the chance to express ourselves both emotionally and physically. I started writing poems when I was a teenager, and it really helped me explore more of my creativity as both a writer and an artist. There are many ways to appreciate poetry this month.

You can appreciate poetry by reading it both aloud and to yourself. You can also explore the places that host open mic nights and share your poetry with other people. If you choose to submit your poetry for consideration for publication, do not be afraid of rejection or judgment. The way you write is a part of your self-expression, and you can share it with the whole world if you want to.

This website introduces you to 30 ways to appreciate National Poetry Month. Below is a poem that I have written. I hope you enjoy it.

Grandmother Spider

They lack belief in her power,

They do not see her,

They do not hear her,

Her voice is barely a whisper,

Her body is small and frail,

They did not see the spark within her

A spark that grew with strength and courage

Do not judge her appearance

Her spirit glows with courage.

Grandmother Spider is a goddess of wisdom and knowledge within the southwestern Native American tribes. She teaches people how to survive and guides them through changes in life. She symbolizes the wisdom and knowledge that we need in our own path of life. The southwestern tribes celebrate her because, despite her small size and those who doubted her, her Divine knowledge lives deep within us, and she reminds us to believe in ourselves.

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