Are You in a Job Search? Check Out These Resources as You’re Seeking That Next Role

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If you have been on the hunt for your next job or maybe The Great Resignation lit you up, and you’re pivoting onto a new career path, chances are you may be interested in some resources to make your work easier. Because let’s face it, looking for that new perfect position is definitely work!

I’ve been an active job seeker for the last few months, and my efforts have paid off with a job offer that I have accepted and for which I’m incredibly grateful. You’re probably aware of the go-to career sites such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Careerbuilder and Monster. Recently, however, I’ve learned of some other websites that have been helpful, and I wanted to share these to assist in your search.

For Women Only

Fairygodboss. Don’t you just love that name? Their slogan: “Where Women Empower Women.” When you sign up with Fairygodboss, you can receive job leads, read advice, ask questions and participate in virtual educational sessions on this career platform designed for women. You can also receive email alerts with company recommendations that are aligned with your job preferences.

For women’s resources related to career advice or expert knowledge, look no further than Elpha, “Where Women Succeed at Work Together.” When you sign up here, you have access to a salary database where you can learn which roles in which cities are paying which salaries and whether the woman negotiated to obtain that salary. This data can be extremely helpful when it comes to negotiating (or re-negotiating) yours!

Working from Home

Did the pandemic mean a change in your job site from the office to your home? Do you find that arrangement more favorable than a return to said office? If so, here are a few sites with virtual opportunities that might spark your interest. offers listings of virtual positions at female-friendly companies. With stats like 4,000+ jobs posted, curated from 200+ companies over the last 12 months, you’ll have numerous options to explore on this site. They also share case studies and success stories if you need a bit of encouragement to press on in your search.

For virtual workers, check out If you’re looking to start a remote gig, this site features 15 categories for you to receive daily or weekly alerts for that perfect position – which, by the way, just may be on another continent.

Just for Mom

Moms, did you know there’s a career site just for you? Take a look at The MOM Project to see which companies are hiring moms. If it’s been a while since you’ve been in the job market and need to enhance your skill set, this organization offers a scholarship to provide certifications in tech, as well as assistance with placement after you complete their program in six months or less.

Jenny Has a Real Gem!

Once you’re engaged in the job search, you might be looking for assistance in writing that often-needed cover letter. Some companies won’t let you submit your application online without one. Job Jenny offers “How to Craft a Killer Cover Letter by the End of the Day,” a great crash course that gave me a fresh perspective on penning my introductory letter. I learned some smart takeaways in this free course; I recommend you enroll for Jenny’s sage recommendations.

Get Connected

Another “uplifting” site for job seekers is The folks at Power to FlyTM express their mission as: “Connecting Diverse Talent to Big Career Moves.” With advice and insights, their virtual events cover topics from ageism to diversity, from understanding body language to salary negotiations. You’re sure to find a speaker or panel who will address one (or more) of your current career concerns. They also host virtual job fairs.

Another site with invaluable resources is You can register to attend online meetings, or for topical advice, peruse their YouTube page to see a vast assortment of videos. Search “Playlist” and your topic of interest, whether it be Resumes, Interviewing, Networking or LinkedIn – the career experts freely share their wisdom and insights.

Whether you’re a new job seeker, returning to the workforce after a break or looking to find that new role that will make your heart sing, it’s my hope that your efforts will be rewarded soon! And if any of these resources provide help to you in your search, all the better. Be sure to let us know where you land.

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