International Women’s Day and Her Nexx Chapter – A Celebration of Vision

Mar 8, 2023 | Main Blog | 0 comments

On this International Women’s Day, I want to celebrate Her Nexx Chapter and share a bit about our history behind the scenes and what makes this organization flow and grow. Take a walk down memory lane with me…

Let me introduce our Founder and Chief Vision Officer, Lady Chap. If you’ve ever taken the StrengthsFinder® assessment, you may know that one of the strengths is Futuristic. That absolutely defines our CVO, who had the vision for HNC and with heart and passion continues to look ahead to see its future and the women we intend to reach. Here’s an example of how her vision brought HNC forward: Back in 2018, we were hosting events in the Dallas area, in-person networking events where women came together, learned from each other and encouraged one another. Following those meetings, excited and grateful women would often say, “I need an HNC chapter in my city,” or “Can you come and set up a chapter for us?” Women from other parts of the country asked, too. We weren’t expecting that!

Lady Chap and I met regularly at Dunn Bros., our favorite coffee shop, where we’d strategize and where she’d cast those visions – first to a few leaders, then to our Advisory Board. One bright Saturday morning late in the year, she proposed the idea of a virtual organization. “What do you think about HNC going global? I’d like for us to be able to reach women all around the world. We aren’t able to travel where they are, so let’s become virtual so we can connect with them!” And that’s exactly what we did. Our team spent 2019 putting the global infrastructure in place to become a fully virtual organization. We also set our Purpose in writing: “We are a community where women connect, explore and transform.”

The changes that the year 2020 brought to everyone’s life confirmed that we were on the right track with our plans. When people were learning how best to conduct virtual meetings, HNC was hosting webinars for women around the globe. And today, I’m delighted to say that our virtual community is growing by the day, with women from numerous countries connecting, exploring and transforming! Bringing great joy to our hearts and huge smiles to our faces are the amazing volunteers from around the world who have joined us to contribute their expertise in Marketing, HR, Public Relations, Events, Grant Writing, Editorial and Production. They continue to share their skills with dedication to HNC’s mission.

Now, as we walk out our purpose for 2023, that vision of our dear leader is igniting passion and lighting the way for ladies worldwide. Truly, it’s an International Women’s Day to celebrate! You can expect invitations to participate in some exciting events and impactful programs of women’s wellness – virtually and powerfully! We can’t wait to ‘see’ you there!

Her Nexx Chapter invites you to join our free Community where women from around the world are connecting with each other’s storeis, exploring different experiences, and transforming ideas.

The Future of Connection for Women


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