Motherhood, Career, and Balance: A Journey of Overcoming and Achievements

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Being a mother is a transformative role. But balancing its responsibilities with a successful career can be a daunting challenge, especially when you have children at different stages of learning and attention. In my case, as a mother of three children—a nearly 2-year-old baby, a 5-year-old child, and a 14-year-old teenager—navigating the demands of motherhood and work has required difficult choices. But it has also provided me with immense growth. I am not always able to decide what is best for me exclusively, often giving up my own desires to meet the needs of my children and work commitments.

Between Duty and Desire: The Crazy Routine and Its Effects

Until recently, my life was crazy. I worked full-time at a private company during the day and dedicated myself to my Career and Outplacement Consultancy business at night. My days began at 7:30 am, including Saturdays and Sundays, and didn’t end until midnight. This hectic routine, although fueled by a passion for my work, took a heavy toll. I was extremely fatigued, constantly irritable, in poor health, sleep deprived, and most painfully, I had little time with my family.

The signs were evident. My body was crying out for rest, my children were craving attention, and my friends were drifting away. But admitting that something needed to change was difficult. After all, I was passionate about what I did and proud of my dedication.

The Family as a Pillar: Awakening to Change

It was at this point that my family intervened. Recognizing the negative impact of my overwork on my health and well-being, my husband and children encouraged me to seek balance. They showed me that while work was important, it could not be the only pillar of my life.

With their endless support, I finally felt ready to take the first step: leave my formal job. This was a challenging decision, but it was crucial in alleviating the burden and allowing me to reorganize my priorities.

Redefining Boundaries: Establishing a New Rhythm

With more time available, I was able to dedicate myself to my Career and Outplacement Consultancy in a more strategic way. I made a commitment not to extend my workday and to end my client appointments at 5 pm. Of course, some exceptions were necessary, but the rule was clear: my free time was sacred.

This change, initially met with apprehension, was transformative. By establishing clear boundaries between my professional and personal life, I was able to:

  • Spend more time with my family: I started having more quality time with my children, actively participating in their activities and creating unforgettable memories.
  • Take care of my health: I was able to eat healthier, exercise regularly, and get restorative sleep.
  • Recharge: With a more rested mind and body, I became more productive and efficient at work, making decisions with greater clarity and creativity.

Benefits that Multiply: A Change with a Positive Impact

The effects of this change extended beyond my personal life. My clients at the Consultancy also noticed the difference. Seeing me more present, rested, and fully focused on solving their problems, they felt more confident and secure in achieving their professional goals.

A Path in Constant Evolution: Challenges and Learnings

I know that this journey will not be easy. There will be moments of adaptation, unforeseen events, and challenges to overcome. But, with the strength of my family, my own determination, and a passion for my work, I am confident that I have built a more balanced, happy, and fulfilling future, where motherhood and career coexist in harmony, nurturing and enriching every aspect of my life.

My story is an example that a work-life balance is possible, even in the face of the challenges of motherhood. It is an ongoing process of learning, adjustments, and adaptations, but one that, with love, support, and strategic planning, can be rewarding and transformative.

This article is a letter to all the women who balance motherhood with work: believe in your potential, seek support from family and friends, and don’t be afraid to redefine your priorities. A fulfilling and rewarding life is possible, you just have to take the first step!

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