Her Midlife Joy: An Interview Recap with Sarah Bell

Aug 28, 2019 | 0 comments

Sarah Bell, host of the Virtual Program Her Midlife Joy revealed how she got started as a coach in her engaging interview with Angie Grimes, Virtual Program VP. Sarah was running an education department for a division of the company where she worked. She had a lot of business travel, a young child at home and numerous work responsibilities. One morning she woke up and had this realization that she couldn’t keep doing what she was doing or she would get burned out. Sarah didn’t know what else she could do and hired a career coach to help her learn about and discover other opportunities. She liked what her coach did for her and said, “I want to learn what you do.” And she did, obtaining her certification as a Transformation Coach.

Sarah likes to say that the client is in the driver’s seat, and she’s just sitting there next to them helping them navigate. It’s up to them what direction they go, and it’s up to them to put the brakes on if they’re going in an area where they don’t want to go. They are in total control of the conversation. Together, they will remove the layers that reveal the real authentic person underneath. And that, Sarah said, is awesome!

Sarah can also often be heard saying, “Make the rest of your life, the best of your life.” She loves to be able to help women live their fullest lives, especially during a midlife transition. It often comes down to the fact that women are very compassionate caring people. Over a period of time, women have gotten used to taking responsibility and caring for their kids, family, extended family, community, work, and it feels scary and overwhelming to put themselves first. She said a lot of women don’t like to ask for help because they think they can do it all, just like super women. She recently had a client say that she was going to take off her tights and her superhero cape. Sarah’s response: “Yay!”

Our journeys are our own personal independent experiences, but Sarah has known some of the fears, the pain, and the struggles her clients go through. This is important to the process as Sarah likes to coach the person, not the problem. She said we can all talk about and solve a problem, but solving someone’ s problem doesn’t really help them grow and empower them as a person. Said Sarah, “I like to put my focus on who you are, more than what the problem is that you’re having because you’re going to solve it, you’re going to bypass that problem, through me coaching you as a person and helping find out who you are.”

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