Are You Loving the Skin You’re In?

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Every morning and evening, examining my skin and caring for it has been the biggest show of self-love. Healthy skin is energizing, and the process starts from within. Making sure you are sleeping well and eating right is just the beginning. A lot of skincare enthusiasts will tell you that you need a step-by-step skin routine to achieve that healthy glow, but it isn’t just at the surface level. Don’t get me wrong; let’s smooth on some moisturizer, but let’s also get some shut eye.


It is extremely important to be getting a good night’s rest. Not only does it help with heavy bags under the eyes, but it also helps to eliminate skin dullness. Finding time during the day to rest and destress encourages a healthy mindset. When you lack sleep, your body produces cortisol, a stress hormone, which causes your skin to become irritated. 


What you eat reflects on your energy levels, your weight and, of course, your skin. When you eat sugar and saturated fats your skin swells, breaks out and increases in oil. You can usually tell when getting a break out that it’s from sugar, depending on the location of said zit. This is unfortunate, because sugar is the light of my life, although it can also be found in some healthier options. Fruits and veggies will get you that glow that we’re talking about.


Finally, the cherry on top to beautiful skin is taking that extra time during the day to care for it. Finding a routine that works for you is not only important for your skin, but your commitment to living a healthy lifestyle. I started with a long step-by-step process and then noticed that I didn’t really need as many products as I was using. The most valued to me have been a cleanser, toner and moisturizer. The occasional mask is a luxury and not one I shy away from. 

When we move from inside our consciousness to our food intake to what we actually put on our skin, it’s meditative. Caring for the bodies we live in is accepting the love we have for ourselves. Skin just happens to be the vessel we’re giving that love to but in doing so we’re strengthening our mental health. During this month of Healthy Skin Awareness, we hope you are loving the skin you’re in!

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