What to Buy for the Most Important People: Holiday Edition

Dec 24, 2019 | 0 comments

The hardest part about the holidays happens when you decide to start your gift shopping. You begin almost directly after Thanksgiving if you’re an early bird, and you knock out three or four gifts for those friends you know best. Then you peer around the web on Cyber Monday remembering back to when your parents said they’ve been dying for new throw pillows, or when your siblings showed you their favorite video games. You get those out of the way and finally your mind begins to slow down. You say, “It’s still a month away, I have enough time.” But that’s not true. You lie to yourself to calm down your bank account and ease your barely touched $20 bill in the pocket of your jeans. Your father still has no gift because he happens to be the hardest person to shop for, and you want to just give him a hug like he asks, but that’s not the kind of daughter you are. 

I have been browsing the web and the physical presence of the presents in shop windows, and I have been completely stumped on what to get the most important people in my life. I think back to old conversations and text messages that they sent months ago: “Did you see that new artist book that is coming out?” and “These headphones are terrible, I really need a new pair.” That is my strong suit, recalling the wanted, remembering the forgotten and lost thoughts my loved ones have shared with me. 
But my father, ladies and gentlemen, doesn’t want anything else in this world yet he deserves the most. Why is it so extremely difficult to buy something for such an important person? A recent gift idea that I hear almost every person speaking of is the “experience gift.” Getting someone a spa treatment or a class to learn how to make pasta has been very popular this holiday season. So, I wonder, is it just as fun to gain an experience as it is to have the experience of unwrapping a new set of throw pillows?

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