Meet the Sheroes of What is a Perfect Woman?

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Join Her Nexx Chapter for a virtual panel exploring what perfect womanhood means uniquely for each of us! Coach Nida Jawed of Her Mindful Bliss will delve deep with three amazing women. Meet Myra, Shampaigne, and Heather below, and register to hear from them live on Wednesday, August 26 at 7 pm CT.

Myra Abbasi: Perfect Womanhood is Positive

Myra Abbasi is a woman who wears many hats – she is a healthcare administrator, a make-up artist, an event coordinator, a former radio host, a mother, a Pakistani-American, and an entrepreneur. Her business, Meraki by Myra, emerged when she struggled to find a position that fit her career aspirations. She began offering make-up artistry and unique jewelry pieces, and hosting social networking events, all with Meraki – the commitment to doing something with passion, with absolute devotion, and with undivided attention.

Raised in Illinois, Myra has a great appreciation for her mother, who raised five women while working three jobs. While Myra remembers her mother’s daily home-cooked meals fondly, she most admires her mother’s optimism, describing her as “Always [having] a smile on her face…Always moving forward, forgiving, and not staying in the past.” Myra’s version of perfect womanhood is informed by her mother: we become our unique perfect woman through the circumstances we encounter in life.

Though it has not always been easy, Myra is grateful for all the challenges and blessings she’s faced, and what she’s learned from those experiences. In her journey toward her own perfect womanhood, she is currently focusing on staying healthy and giving more to those in need. Myra is an advocate for self-love, inspiring those around her to invest in themselves, as she strives to do in her own life. When it comes to make-up and beauty, confidence is key for her. She encourages women to “Enhance your natural beauty with the right techniques and show off with confidence!”

Shampaigne Graves: Perfect Womanhood is Bold

The name of Shampaigne Graves’s business is a fairly accurate representation of her approach to life. Bold Babes Co. was developed in order to provide a vibrant, welcoming community to women new to entrepreneurship. A place to ask questions, to receive support, and to share successes and failures – just the kind of place Shampaigne herself would have appreciated during her first year as an entrepreneur.

Shampaigne’s path toward business began after a close friend passed away, and she was inspired to pursue the bold, entrepreneurial plan he had intended to carry out himself. While Shampaigne eventually realized that the project wasn’t quite right for her, it was a valuable learning experience. She also remembers it as being a very confusing time. Recognizing an unmet need for new millennial businesswomen like herself, Shampaigne created Bold Babes Co. This collaborative platform is motivated, like all of Shampaigne’s work, by people. She is eager to support others and their entrepreneurial aspirations and is committed to being fully authentic in her work, as in the rest of her life.

Shampaigne has been greatly influenced by her mother, who set ambitious goals and made them into reality. As for her own goals, Shampaigne hopes to eventually transition from the role of CEO at Bold Babes Co. to the role of CFO. Simultaneously, she is also in the midst of earning her Master’s degree in Psychology. For Shampaigne, the perfect woman is the woman who chooses her own life. Shampaigne encourages women interested in business to do as she has done: be bold – and now, when you take that first step, Bold Babes Co. will be right there alongside you. 

Heather Humphries: Perfect Womanhood is Authentic

Heather Humphries lives by the motto “Esse Quam Videri,” meaning “to be, rather than to seem.” As a relationship coach, she understands the importance of authenticity, and is committed to guiding clients toward their own personal truth. Heather has always been grateful for the fulfilling relationships in her life and is fascinated by the complexity of human dynamics. So, after working for 20 years in manufacturing as a safety professional, observing behavioral patterns and strategies for modification, relationship coaching was an excellent next step.

When it comes to the perfect woman, Heather (who coaches under the name Heather K) thinks we need to reframe our approach, saying: “A perfect woman, to me, has defined her perfection for herself and sees her imperfections as assets and not liabilities that need to be erased…it’s about deciding who we want to be and then living that as authentically as we possibly can.” One of Heather’s childhood heroes, Helen Keller, exemplifies this – despite the intense able-ism and sexism she faced, Keller embraced her imperfections and became a powerful advocate for women’s and worker’s rights.    

Heather’s parents have been especially important in shaping her worldview. Her father showed her that masculinity and sensitivity are not mutually exclusive, and her mother taught her to approach others with uncompromising compassion, regardless of their background. Heather relies heavily on this skill in her work, developing connections and determining solutions with clients without judgment. She also pulls from her background in improvisation, which helps her bring humor into even tense situations. Heather encourages us to remember that we form relationships to give, rather than to take. Instead of focusing on what we want from the other person, we should strive to provide space, support, and understanding for their authentic self – just as they should strive to do for us.

Be sure to join as these remarkable Sheroes and Coach Nida for What is a Perfect Woman? Register for this virtual panel here, and we’ll see you on Wednesday, August 26 at 7 pm CT.

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