The Pause Button: Learning from the Stillness

Oct 29, 2020 | 0 comments

The pause button. The pause button is the most revolutionary piece of equipment ever designed. This may be a controversial statement but one I believe is true. In the 80s when we all brought VHS players into our homes, we marveled at how we could pause movies, just put them on hold. We paused to go to the bathroom, we paused to make popcorn. We paused to ask questions about the movie. We loved that pause button. Then live TV came into the picture, incorporating the pause button. We could now pause live TV, and we used it whenever we wanted.

The world right now is on pause. We have paused our lives to help combat a spreading virus. We have stopped our lives to ask questions, eat popcorn and pray for our safety. We have worried and hoped and wondered what will happen to this country and to this world, almost like we are sitting in front of our TVs with bated breath. As we sit and watch the devastation of this virus, jobs lost and lives changed forever, we pause.

Perhaps during this pause, we should take time to reflect on what we have lost and what we can learn. Perhaps we needed a pause to help us grow. Perhaps this instant freeze on our lives should not be deemed as all bad. We can learn from the stillness. We can learn to appreciate and value the life that we have, right now. We can learn to offer ourselves and others grace during this pause. 

The amazing thing about this pause is that we have a chance to take everything we have learned and bring those lessons into our lives for when life returns to normal, albeit a new normal. Until we do get back to normal, we can accept ourselves, even if we didn’t quite make it out of our sweats or comb our hair that day. Perhaps we can meet other people where they are and understand that we are all doing our “COVID best.”

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Tanisha Wallace Porath
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