Ways Mentoring Can Make a Difference to You

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The focus of mentoring is to promote the reflection of the mentee and help her achieve her goals. The process of personal and professional development is a path of great humility and learning because recognizing your points of improvement is not an easy task! Being able to count on a professional who has already walked some paths is a great help.

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Choosing a Mentor

When choosing a mentor, it is important to observe whether the professional and personal example of that mentor meets the values and plans of the mentee, as admiration, trust and respect are the base tripod for a successful mentoring program. Always check your professional history and see if the gaps you are looking to heal are within reach of your mentor. You can even have more than one mentor, with each professional helping you in a different sphere of your business or personal plans.

Mentor Responsibilities

The mentor is responsible for directing the professional, guiding them through their own market experiences, enabling the mentee to open new paths for development processes. The mentor can assist in the formation of a strategic plan that aims to create a competitive differential or some competence to the mentee. The mentor’s experiences are used to exemplify and serve as a lesson in a mentoring program, however, the mentee herself is the one who decides which practices and experiences will be useful in her daily life.


According to some surveys prepared by the Endeavor Institute (Brazil) 74% of the entrepreneurs who underwent mentoring were successful at the beginning of their business. Using the expertise of a professional who has experience in the market can be a differential, since it minimizes errors and helps in decision making. Mentoring enhances the chance for a business to succeed as it helps the mentee to better understand the market in which it operates and makes the business needs visible, and the mentee can establish ways to meet those needs.

Why I Serve as a Mentor

I voluntarily mentor in my country, Brazil. I usually accompany women who are in the development phase and returning to the job market. As I work in the human resources area, I mentor them to help them create their resumes, social media profiles and give tips on how they should behave in a job interview. Generally, I support them in the entire job placement process, helping them to understand the organizational culture of the company in which they operate, in order to further facilitate the engagement of these women in their new jobs. I love mentoring, and having women being mentored is like being able to give back to the universe all the good things that the universe gives me. I have no doubt that mentoring is my life purpose.

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